Thursday, January 6, 2011


This is all of the stuff the baby got for Christmas while still living in my belly.  I'm a little nervous about what all she'll be getting for Christmas 2011.

My first baby shower is one week from Sunday.  Laine and Sara are hosting it at Erin Ann's house.  It's a family affair and I'm really excited!

I've been decluttering.  Not in preparation for an onslaught of baby presents (because that would be obnoxious), but just in preparation for a baby.  Just in case she takes up a lot of space.

Work is very busy, but very good.  What a relief.

Cody's work schedule will change next week.  I have mixed feelings.  Oh well.

I need to exercise tonight.

These are the books I'm reading right now:
The Official Lamaze Guide, by Judith Lothian and Charlotte DeVries
On Blondes, by Joanna Pitman
The Professor and the Madman, by Simon Winchester 
Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, by Amy Sedaris
The Gentle Art of Domesticity, by Jane Brocket
To the Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf

No wonder I have trouble finishing books.

Also, Firefox is telling me I'm misspelling 'blondes' and that's making me a little insecure.  You know.  Since I'm ...... lightheaded.  

(That didn't work out well.)

Someone donated a lot of hot tea to the break room.  Yay! 

Current craft projects:
A brown scarf
Granny squares for a baby afghan

That's it.  It feels weird.  But it's nice to not have to worry about getting any more gifts out now that Christmas is past.  

I should inventory my yarn and take a picture soon.

Craft projects I need to start:
A new wreath
A baby quilt!

Also, I'd like to make the baby a dress for when she's all tiny.

She doesn't feel tiny.

But then I see how big 3 month old clothes are, and I guess she is.

I just bored myself to tears with this post, so I'm going to publish it and get it out of the way.  Sorry this doesn't make up for not posting yesterday, but maybe tomorrow will have something exciting about natural cleaning or arts and crafts.  Until then, I'm going to drink Mt. Dew and work.

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