Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Friday list in the dead of winter

It's Friday, so I want to make a happy list!

First off, this is a picture of flowers.  
Flowers bloom in spring.  Remember spring?  
I'm looking forward to it.
  • My mother-in-law read a while back that a bunch of pink tulip bulbs were being planted around our part of town so that they'd be up in time for some kind of event.  She decided it was in honor of the baby.  I like the idea of that.
  • I was off work on Monday.  Cody is off work every Monday.  We slept in and had lunch with some of my family and browsed Barnes with Mom, Dad, and Dallas.  Then we went to my doctor appointment and Sears.
  • I found out my doctor is a big fan of just putting the baby on your stomach immediately after birth.  I've been a happy camper all week long because I worried about having this normal, healthy baby and then not getting to hold her as soon as she was born and I don't think anyone needs to guess what would happen if that was the case.  (Disclaimer: I'm all for necessary medical interventions.  If something's wrong with the baby's heartbeat or breathing or whatever, then she can be whisked far away to be with medical professional people and you won't hear any complaints from me.  But if everything is fine and dandy, then you can wait a little bit to take her from me and clean her up and check off items on your hospital standard practices list.)
  • My baby.  Awesome.
  • It's been a good week for crocheting.
  • I've had some nice hair days.
  • It's been a good week for card-making....or it was until I ran out of cards.  Dang, I'm a machine.
  • I've had some lovely comments on my posts this week.  Thank you!
  • I went home early yesterday and was taken to my parking spot by my very own husband.
  • Cody went home early yesterday as well!  We got to spend the evening together on our seven-year anniversary.
  • We ate calzones and watched TV and it was perfect.
  • I actually had to show Cody how to make calzones.  I don't show him how to do cooking things very often.  Or ever.
  • I skipped going to the laundromat earlier in the week so that I could stay home and paint my nails.  Now I feel pretty.
  • I really do enjoy giant maternity clothes.  I mean that.
  • I'm wearing a big ol' plaid maternity shirt.  Awesome.
  • We have an expected high of 44° on Saturday.  
  • I have some productive, yet fairly relaxing, weekend plans that involve crafting and reading.
  • I saw a whole lot of family people this week.
  • Martha Stewart is doing just fine now.
  • I have a new Martha Stewart Living and a new issue of Real Simple waiting for me to read them!
  • I have a nice selection of books to look forward to.
  • I have a lot to look forward to in general.

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Brad said...

I was a little worried when I read "Then we went to my doctor appointment and Sears" as "Then we went to my doctor appointment at Sears."