Friday, January 7, 2011

Because I said I would

I was mildly crafty last night.  I worked on more granny squares with lots of different colors and then I counted and stacked them into piles of 10 on the coffee table.  I took a picture and the picture looked something like this:

I realize this was obviously taken in daylight and those are obviously the squares from Dicy's afghan, but my computer was pretty dead this morning and some IT people spent about an hour and a half on it and even though it's working okay now, I don't want to kill it and then confess that it was because I needed to upload a couple of pictures off my camera.  That would just be awkward.  But now you can look at piles of granny squares and get the general idea.

I have 134 squares, and I'm not planning on using all of the ones I have.  Some are too small, there are too many red ones, and I want to make some more with yellows and browns and maybe purples.  But not too many more.

Then I'll decide if I want to make a pattern or if I just want to grab the squares at random and crochet them into strips (like this)

and crochet the strips together.  Obviously I won't be using black yarn.  I'll probably use gray or yellow or blue.

I've still got a little time to think it over....or at least this weekend.

I think I know what my plans are.

I hope yours are fun as well.  Stay warm!

Also, here is a natural cleaning tip: rub a citrus wedge over your nasty cheese grater to get a lot of the stuck-on cheese off.  It also polishes things up a little.  

Now.  Obligation fulfilled!

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