Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Your Christmas present: an update!

Hi!  Remember this post?

I do.

I'm sure you've been holding your breath in suspense ever since I posted it.  You were probably wondering who got what, what got left, and whether or not Cody got to keep the green scarf he so helpfully modeled for me.

I'm here to clear that up.

Whoa Nelly.

I'm realizing that there are a lot of scarves in this.

Still available.

Still available.

Still available.
Still available.

This became Alana's birthday present!  She's wearing it in her Christmas card photo!

I gave this to my supervisor as a going away present.  She offered to pay me.  I should have let her.

This was Laine's Christmas present!

This was Jessica's Christmas present!

This was Leah's Christmas present!

I'm so sorry, Leah.

This was Jessi's scarf!

This was Dicy's scarf!

This was Sara's scarf!  And her ear warmer, that she specifically asked I make for her.  Mamaw used to make a lot of these for us when we were little and no one enjoyed them more than Sara.  Um, I do what I can.

This was Mom's Christmas present!  Robert helped Laine pick out the yarn for me.
Gray wristwarmer: available.  Blue: Jessi's! Brown: Laine's!  Orange: Oh, hey...those are mine.
Yeah, alllll mine.

Not pictured: Alana's Christmas present scarf, Faith's scarf, and Brook's scarf (because she doesn't even have it yet!).

I stinking love making things with yarn.  I'm glad you like receiving things made of yarn.

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