Monday, December 13, 2010

Update: 27 weeks

This is all you get this week.

Okay, we're at 27 weeks.  This is the last week of the second trimester.

I'm afraid I'm in the not-fun third trimester stage regardless of what the timelines show.

  • I am tired and my back and belly ache at the end of the day.
  • Rolling over is really hard.
  • I don't sleep that well.
  • I cry a lot (4 times in the past 24 hours).
  • I am gripped by an overwhelming urge to kill every time someone stares pointedly at my belly and asks "How much longer?"
  • In addition to unsolicited opinions on my appearance, people are now asking "How much longer?"  We're not talking about friends and family with bad memories.  We're talking about people at work.  It weirds me out.  Even if you're telling me I look cute pregnant (wait, what?), I am not used to talking about my appearance this much.  Just stop, strangers!
  • And the big one: a couple of nights ago, I woke up because the baby was moving a lot and it happened.  She hit my ribs.  It hurt so much I think my vision blurred.  I know I whimpered a little.
I think she's trying to fight her way out.  I don't know what she plans to do once she makes it outside, but she seems pretty determined to get here.  I've told her she has to wait because I hate preemies.  They're awful.  I said that to Cody last night and he seemed shocked. 

I'm not sure why anything I say shocks Cody any more, but that phrase did the trick better than my tantrums in Target.  We created our registry, and I'm still adding things here and there online.  Basically, I called their diaper bag selection some foul names, their carrier selection some foul names, and some innocent-looking baby girl clothes foul names.

I take that back: ruffles on little girl pants are the stupidest things I've ever seen and they deserve all the hatred I can direct at them.  There is never a need for ruffled ankles on your pants.  My child is not a flamenco dancer!

(If you dress your girl child in ruffled ankle pants, or you would like to some day, then good for you.  I am not condemning you [except I am a little].  I promise not to beat up your kid or anything.  I just won't buy them for you as a gift.)

I also might have also started dreading Christmas shopping next year, and cussed out a non-existent 'bulimia kit' for little girls because I'm so frustrated with girl-themed stuff that I've decided to hate it now.  Please just give her blocks and empty boxes, or skip Christmas presents altogether next year.  She'll be 9 months old, and probably won't care.  There's no need to buy overpriced merchandise manufactured in countries with different safety standards from ours that accomplish no other purpose than to scream "YOU'RE A GIRL!  BUY GIRL STUFF!  ESTROGEN AND HELPLESSNESS!  GO EMOTIONALLY MANIPULATE DADDY SO YOU CAN CONSUME MORE GIRL STUFF!" while ignoring the important things in life like shapes and colors and baby animals and stuff you can chew on.


You've caught me on a really good day.

And how is Cody?  He's mostly fine, actually.  He got to hold the scanner gun last night, and he keeps saying that 3 more months is really "several" months away so we don't have to freak out about anything just yet.

And how is our baby?  Well in addition to moving around a, wait.  That's all she does.  But she does it nearly all the time, and I think she's really good at it.  I feel her low down in my belly and up high and off to the sides and near my belly button.  She's all about trying to find more room.

We are now officially less than 3 months away from my due date (yesterday was the three-month mark.  Whoa!).  We have discussed cloth diapering.  We have looked at bedding.  I am still playing Metallica near her tiny little ears.  Cody is already deciding what cooking secrets he wants to share with her (no surprise, the first tip involves fluffier cakes).

Anything else?  Well, this: "This week, your baby weighs almost 2 pounds (like a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long with her legs extended. She's sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing her eyes, and perhaps even sucking her fingers. With more brain tissue developing, your baby's brain is very active now. While her lungs are still immature, they would be capable of functioning — with a lot of medical help — if she were to be born now. Chalk up any tiny rhythmic movements you may be feeling to a case of baby hiccups, which may be common from now on. Each episode usually lasts only a few moments, and they don't bother her, so just relax and enjoy the tickle." (Source.)

I'm telling you she's bigger than 2 pounds.  She just is.  Anyone who can make me move just by jumping herself has got to be more than 2 pounds.  And I'm pretty sure she has the hiccups right now.  It feels superweird and makes me laugh.  And it makes me jump a little like I have the hiccups.

Seriously, she's strong.

And large.  See?

I had to include a real picture.  Surely you couldn't go another week without seeing how big we're getting, could you?

And here's another one just for fun.  I didn't have Cody take a picture of me this weekend, so it was just me and the auto-timer this morning. 

"Where do you think you're going?"

I think I may understand why people are staring so much and why they seemed so surprised when they'd ask "How are you doing?" and I'd reply "Great!"  (They jinxed me.  I was feeling great until I had to prove it a million times a day.):  Big girl (I call her 'big girl') is wayyy out in front.  And over 6 months old.  And big.  And strong.  And probably really alert.  And probably perfect.  And probably really excited about meeting us. 

We did already promise to protect her from ruffle pants, after all.  Those things are worse than those giant headbands.

AND: I just found this.  iVillage predicts that a 27 week baby is 2 1/4 pounds.  Boom.


Anonymous said...

I, for one, am AMAZED that you've waited until the 27th week to decide that you are in the "not fun" stage. For both of my pregnancies, that kind of started on day 1. Kudos to you for toughing it out this long.

I have a friend who sells her giant (and dear lord, do I ever mean GIANT) bows, headbands, and ruffled tutus on her Etsy store. Shall I give you her name? :)

Also, I have some cloth diapers that Carolina has outgrown (prefolds and newborn covers) if you're interested. Let me just say I've done them both, and I find cloth to be much more convenient and much less disgusting than disposables. Strange.

Jen said...

Ha, thanks! The crazy amounts of estrogen were fun at first, and I'd probably be okay now if not for that whole "hell is other people" thing, but whatever.

I'm going to pass up the bow thing (because I've already been assured I'm getting one that's pink and zebra striped and it's coming with a matching tutu! Whoa!), but YES, I would love to borrow some cloth diapers because I really want to try but I'm scared to invest money in this in case I super hate them. Thanks!

Erin said...

Its very possible that she is bigger than 2 1/4 28 weeks Isaac was almost 3 pounds...which I am told is considered "really big"...never thought a 3lb kid would be considered big. Preemie are all bad ya know! ;-) But don't want a preemie...because then you'd have to have your own March of Dimes team and wouldn't get to be on ours. (oh yeah, then there's that whole NICU thing too).

Oh BTW...I need your address...could you send me that!

Jen said...

Ugh, you know how I dislike preemies! They make me nervous! Funny story, though: your Christmas card was mailed this morning and has my address on the envelope. I even wrote in it "See you at the March of Dimes walk!"

Sarah Bibles said...

I love this post Jen. Although I must say- If I ever end up having another child and she ends up being a girl- I will buy a TON of ruffly, frilly, lacy, poofy, things for her. Those big bows, headbands, and leggings are a must. I'm going all out!! But I really am glad I read this- so I know what NOT to buy for your little princess:) I am so excited for you and Cody! I cannot wait until you get to meet your little girl.

PS. you are REALLY cute pregnant ;)

baby clothes said...

Beautiful pregnant mum! Just enjoy your pregnancy days and stay happy ;)