Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Scenes from a very full weekend

These aren't all of the pictures, but here you go anyway.

Friday: I showed up to what I thought would just be dinner with friends, but it turned out to be a party!

With decorations, even!

My chair.

Most of these photos are by Brook.

I honestly have no idea if this is posed or not.

My loot!

Saturday: Cody picked up our basket.

Then Cody, Brad, Jessi, and I rushed off to watch Jarrett graduate!
About half of the pictures are by Jessi.

They were not just handing out these medals, you know.  He was only one of 5 or 6 graduates with super honors!!!

And we were so proud of him!  And I made a sign.

I think he liked it.  I used glitter paper, if you couldn't tell.

Someone remind me to email a copy of this to Jarrett's mom.  Her camera battery died.  Abrupt subject change: there are Canadians in this picture!

Sunday: I celebrated my birthday with Mom and Dad and Levi.  They put up the banner I made for Mom and Dad's anniversary party.

It really was.

This year's tree.

And its shelf.

The piano.

The Santa key.  This is how Santa gets into the houses of people without chimneys.  Mom said I could use it next year!

Mom made these.  No kidding.

Sara and Chad's dog, Zoe, was hanging out.  Cody did not care.

Our stocking hangers.  Mamaw and EA made them for us.

Some wedding pictures, and Laine's bouquet.

Cody, in his natural habitat.

Zoe, in Mo's spot, actually.

Just Mom and me.

Mocking Levi's No-Touch policy.


Man, we're cute.

Dad.  Jen.  Glasses.

Just a little family portrait in front of the tree.

The end.

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Laine said...

That weekend looked almost perfect...let's top it this weekend.