Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reasons to love December

It's December!  There are so many reasons to be excited!

First off, Christmas. Or Hanukkah, if you're into that.  Or Kwanzaa.  Or maybe you only like New Year's Eve.  Whatever, December is full of fantastic holidays.

Fantastic holidays = fantastic holiday decorations.  Like my elves.  And colored lights.  And things with tinsel and glitter and sequins and felt and little figurines. My heart can barely take it. 

I love you, my little elves!  You are safe on the coffee table for one more year!

Oh, and these nice kids are getting married this weekend.
Yay Jason!  Yay Mandy!

 And this nice guy is graduating in a few weeks!
Yay Jarrett!  Yay for dancing like Peanuts characters!

Oooh, the Peanuts Christmas special! I am more than prepared to sob hysterically all the way through it.

And a bunch of important people are having birthdays!

Like Chad.  Here he is on his last birthday.  He just loves it when you sing to him.

And Kelly!

And Levi!

And Mom!  (And me!)
Oh right, I'm having a birthday.  It's my first pregnant birthday ever (yay?)!  Don't worry, I'll post a wishlist soon.  I know it's incredibly crass, but I feel greedy and I know that next year I'll be lucky if you jokers even remember me at all in any capacity other than 'that woman who lets us play with [baby's name]' and I'm terrified that this year I'll just get a bunch of baby stuff that she doesn't want or need (she doesn't want or need much right now other than me, and the space I'm renting her) and that I certainly don't want or need because I haven't worn a newborn onesie in decades and I'll be disappointed and cry.  And neither you nor I want that.

Speaking of our little what's-her-name, maybe Cody and I could decide on a name this month!  I hope I didn't jinx myself.  It's okay, I don't think she minds.

I love compiling a year-in-review picture post! And the book list for the whole year!

I'll be seeing my whole family for Christmas.  I love that.

Christmas lights on houses.

Christmas presents.  I'm pretty bad at wrapping presents, but I still really enjoy doing it.  I even bought some Martha Stewart baker's twine to wrap up the presents!  Oh yes.

Lots of excuses to listen to Elvis.

Lots of fun junk like scarves and gloves (or mittens, if you want to get really crazy and festive) and hats and boots.

I'll be making tons of cards.  There will be glitter.

December usually has some fun parties and good parties.

If you've been wanting to donate to something this year, now would be a good time to do so.

I have to mention decorations again.  I need to take pictures of mine and show them to you soon!  I did some new things this year.

And this:

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