Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Jarrett pictures (because you probably want to see them)

Jarrett is somewhere in this crowd.

Jessi and Brad are pumped.

After dropping us off and parking half a mile away, Cody eventually joined us.

I don't know, but I like it.

I came prepared.

Jarrett is one of these graduates standing in line!  He walked and we stood up and cheered!

Then Cody realized I probably dusted the guy in front of me with glitter and wondered why he is my date to anything.

Winter graduations are the best, by the way.  I think this took an hour or so.

Jarrett in his gear, holding an empty diploma holder.

Nonetheless, it was a fun photo accessory.

We had to do a lot of picture-taking.

Jarrett and his parents.  True story: I wanted to steal his dad's glasses right off his face.  It's probably better that I didn't.

Jarrett and his snappy brother.

I'm assuming he appreciated my effort and sparkliness.  I was the only person there with a sign.

Yup, he's thrilled.

Jarrett's family also thinks he's neat.  One of his grandmas came in from Canada!  Here he is with his parents, brother, aunts and uncles, and both grandmas. 

Wait, maybe one guy wasn't an uncle and maybe he was a grandpa.  Oh.

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