Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mom's birthday parties

Both of my sisters threw birthday parties for Mom this year.  She had a blast at both.

The first one was this weekend at Laine's house.

Here is Laine's house: 


We had a little celebration for the December birthday people, minus Chad.  Laine made a cake that I forgot to photograph, but it was delicious and you're sad you missed it.  It contained pumpkin and Cool Whip.
Anyway, Mom, Dad, Levi, and Mo had a fun Saturday at Laine's house and Cody and I joined the party on Saturday night.  We all spent the night, and on Sunday morning the 5 of us wound up waking up early.  So we drank coffee and opened presents and talked while Robert and Leah and Cody slept in.

I gave Mom books: A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson, a book about exotic chickens, and an old book about gardens.

I also gave Levi books: For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway (at Levi's request), and a book about Teddy Roosevelt's family.  He and Dad are solemnly checking it out in the picture above.

Laine gave Mom a shopping trip to Williams Sonoma--watch out!  She gave me some really cute dishtowels with chickens on them (still un-photographed), and I think she's still working on Levi's present.  

Levi's birthday isn't for a while, but I already had his gifts picked out and wrapped and then Mom got excited and made him open them.

Here are some other pictures from the day.

He perked up after Levi sat down with him.  Somewhat.

Laine is hiding, and this is slightly blurry, but I have to include it because it's Mom and Laine together.

Laine later in the day, ready to see reindeer at a car dealership.  We couldn't find them.  They had left.  Reindeer are very busy right now.

She's wearing my hat because it's too big for my head.

I'm wearing her hat because her hair is very short and she doesn't like toboggans right now.  So now it's mine and my hat is hers.

Then, on Mom's actual birthday, Sara hosted a dinner at her house.

This is Sara's house:

These are Sara's turtles.
 These are Mom's presents!  
I made her the card on the left, Sara gave her the card with the dancer (it had a present for any kind of Scentsy order she wanted inside), and Levi gave her the second season of Fringe.

Sara made soup!  
Then she sent us home with leftovers--I had mine for lunch and they were delicious.

Here is a picture of Chad.

Here is a picture of Dad.

Here is the baby.  She wouldn't move so Mom could feel her!  But Mom said she could see how she was sitting.

 Here is me with Mom.  I told you this was blurry, Sara!

Mom and Sara!

Mom and Levi, of the family.

And those! were Mom's birthday parties!  I think she enjoyed them.  I know the rest of us did.

Happy birthday again, Mom!

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