Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jason and Mandy's wedding!

Jason and Mandy were married this past Saturday afternoon, and I went with Brad, Jarrett, and Jessi to see it all happen.

It was wonderful.  Jessi and I took a lot of pictures.

Alana was the guest book attendant.

Jessi was excited!

Jarrett and Brad were thoughtful.

I was happy.

And now Jeff's camera has a picture of Jessi using my camera.  Why does this never get old?

I sneaked a quick picture of Jason and Jeff before the ceremony really got going.

Husband and wife!  I'm not sure why Mandy looks confused, but I like this picture.

We sat at this pretty table.

And posed for some pictures while waiting on the bride and groom.

Jarrett was okay with that, really.

Faith and I do enjoy a good wedding.  (No, I don't know why the lights were out.)

Bryan and Christina are probably taking mental notes because they're getting married some time next year.

Brad is probably still worrying about the reduced sugar cake he made for all the diabetic relatives.  I bet it was fine.

Little candle.

Maid of honor and best man!  They rock at weddings.

Brook had us babysit her bouquet while she attended to some things.

Which means we all felt compelled to take turns holding it.  Bouquets are so great.

Brad did this.

Husband and wife again!  So great.

We took a lot of friend pictures.

And ate a lot of food.  You can't just throw out a chocolate fountain and expect us to stay away.

I think Jessi just wanted some more pictures of Mandy's dress.  It was really fantastic.

Friends loving weddings...

Jason and Jessi are actually bitter enemies, but they were still friendly on this happy day.

Um, this was actually supposed to be them calling a truce, but I think they're still nemeses.  This was the only time you didn't see Jason with the hugest smile on his face.

More friends!

Happy girls.

Christina's taking her turn and getting a feel for that bouquet.

I'm told Jeff's copy turned out better.

This is a terrible picture, except it's not because Travis and Alana are awesomely creeping.

Love that guy.


Oh by the way, Brook caught the bouquet.  She was pretty excited about it.

Then it was time for us to go, and we walked out and saw this!  It was a lovely ending to a lovely wedding.

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