Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Important: Today is Mom's birthday!

I ♥ Mom.  This is my favorite current picture of us together.

Today is Mom's birthday!

She's so great.  You should wish her a happy birthday.

She always has a lint roller.  And gum.

I think I look like her.

She brags on us, sometimes when we're within earshot!

She and Dallas have been rocking at the 4th grade.

She likes to open her presents early, so I gave her her books this weekend.

She likes books.  She bought me some before I was born.

She gives us eggs from her chickens and herbs from her garden.  And sometimes sweet potatoes.  We were really rolling in sweet potatoes for a while there.

She has perfect teeth.  It's just not fair.

10 minutes after I wrote this post, she texted me to ask "Hey Honey, how much weight did you have to gain to get those love handles?" and when I told her, she wrote back "Good job!" and I laughed for at least a solid 5 minutes.

She is complimentary of our haircuts.  Things like this are important to girls.

She got Levi back this year.  They like to watch nerd shows together.

She taught me how to make sweet tea.  And to do French braids.
She gives me pregnancy and baby-raising advice, most of which revolves around the theme "You've got this." so thank goodness for that.

Mom is great.  She's a nice lady, and very opinionated, and a good mom (I've been making mental notes of late)--my favorite mom, even.  I'm sure there are some other people who feel the same way.... 

Laine loves Mom, and short haircuts!  And she has Mom's legs.
Dad and Sara love Mom!  Sara has Mom's....pretty much everything.  Including teeth.

Levi loves Mom and bought her "that show with the nerds" for Mother's Day.

Happy birthday, Mom!  I love you and hope you're having a great birthday!

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Mom2Four said...

Thanks for all of the sweet thoughts, Baby. I love my new books and have already shared one of them with Dallas!!

This is a very exciting birthday because you are expecting "our little girl". I can hardly wait to play with her. And you, of course. I will get out some of those things that I bought 28 years ago, two weeks before you were born! Fun times.