Friday, December 3, 2010

I'll tell you what I have

So I wrote yesterday's post and felt a little greedy and sheepish.

And astonished that I didn't ask for Christmas ornaments.  O!, how I love Christmas ornaments.....

But since it's Friday and that's usually a day for happy lists, and I feel like proving I'm not constantly thinking of things that I want, here's a list of what I have.

I have:
  • a good job.  I gripe, but there's Internet and my office has a door and I get the nerdy satisfaction of using my degree every day.
  • insurance.  Car, health, renter's.  Whoa Nelly, I am loving insurance these days.
  • a cute little half of a house.  Our landlords pretty much leave us alone, the woman on the other half of the house is nice (even if she does out-decorate me for every holiday), and there's no carpet to be found anywhere.
  • Lovely, lovely family.  My parents are lovely, my siblings are lovely, my in-laws are lovely, and all the extended people are perfectly lovely.  Also: funny, caring, interesting, and handy to know.
  • Lovely, lovely friends.  See above.  They have all these qualities and usually fall somewhere in the family category anyway.
  • Homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  • Subscriptions to Martha Stewart Living, NYLON, [B-word], and Real Simple.
  • A lovely husband who: is a great cook, bakes cookies for no reason other than to make me happy, praises my Christmas decorating for our little house, is in awe of my baby-growing skills, and eagerly waits for me to finish my turn reading [B-word] magazine.  The man enjoys a feminist response to pop culture, and I enjoy talking about ideas with him.  And he has a beard.  And he is very attractive.
  • The lovely husband also has a job.  I'm really glad.  I'm also glad he'd never dream of being as pathetic as the pathetic guys in this article.  Confidence is so attractive.  
  • A car.  Technically, two cars since I co-signed on the loan for Cody's car.  Transportation is great.
  • A brand new battery in my car.  Reliable transportation is so great.
  • 2 ice cream Snickers bars in my freezer.
  • Leftover vegetable soup in my fridge.
  • A library card.  Man, I love the library.
  • Interesting hobbies.  Okay, they're interesting to me at least.  I don't get bored very often, which is great.
  • Christmas decorations.
  • A lot of dresses for my belly.  Most were borrowed from Laine (she has an astonishing number of roomy jumpers), but Mom is supposed to be hunting for this awesome burgundy jumper that she wore when she was pregnant with me (I've seen pictures) so that I can wear it!  Aw, special stuff!  Seriously, I think that's awesome.  Also, it looks warm and I want to wear it with gray boots.  I can't get over the idea of wearing something Mom wore when she was pregnant with me while I'm pregnant with my own little girl.  Are you crying yet?  Good, you should be. 
  • Scarves.  Believe you me, I have a great collection of scarves.
  • Books.  I love my books.
  • A digital camera.  Handiest device ever.
  • A car seat.  I'm not kidding.  A friend of Mrs. Dicy's brought it by because she didn't need it for her grandkids, and it's ours if we want it (if we don't want it, then it's Mrs. Dicy's).  It's pretty new and Cody's just been driving around with it in his back seat like a weirdo for about a week now!
  • An awesome pregnancy.  The first trimester wasn't fun, but it wasn't scary or complicated either.  These last couple of months, however, have been an absolute blast.  I would love to be able to sleep comfortably through the night (or take NyQuil for this head congestion), but other than that, everything is stinking perfect.  I'm healthy, I'm happy, I'm not having to take care of any other children than the one I carry in me (I worry about doing this repeat times with outside kids to look after) so I can just crash in front of the TV at the end of the day, and I'll say it again: I'm happy.  Happy and grateful and round and expectant.  The little girl constantly reminds me she's around and kicking and it's still cute for now.
  • Most of my Christmas shopping/making finished.  Super grateful about that!
  • A slice of carrot cake.
  • A pile of Christmas card-making supplies ready for me at home.  I can't wait!

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