Thursday, December 16, 2010

27 in review

I don't know if you remember or not, but last year I made a fun little list of cool-sounding goals I wanted to achieve while 27.  (I got the idea from here!)  Since my birthday is tomorrow, I thought I'd let you know how that was working out for me.

29 things to do before I'm 28

  1. Make a quilt.  I did it!  Cody loves it!  It's still intact!  I feel like a success.
  2. Make a quilt with Cody.  No.  Sadly, that hasn't happened yet even though I've been gathering fabric. 
  3. Take another class with Cody.  Nope. 
  4. Grow tomatoes.  Yes, 7 tiny Roma tomatoes and they were alll mine!
  5. Put up tomatoes.  We were only able to do this once, but holy smokes.  Those canned tomatoes were delicious.
  6. Visit Miami.  No.  Crap.  I really wanted to plan a trip to visit Mamaw and EA and I'm really sad that I haven't done that since last summer.
  7. Visit Levi.  No.  He came here.  Yay!
  8. Another My Morning Jacket show.  No.  I'm sad.
  9. Make an afghanYes!  I love how it turned out, and Mrs. Dicy loves it and it lives on her couch, and no boys are allowed to use it.
  10. Go on a road trip with Laine and Leah to Red Velvet Art.  Oh yes, we went all right.  We went and it was awesome.  Plus, I made a new friend!  Hi, TeNeal!
  11. Do some outside editing.  School papers and letters.  I am the champion.
  12. Give more photos as gifts.  Fact: photo books make excellent gifts.  Another fact: I never want to do one again.
  13. Stop acting so frightened of newborns.  Oh.  Well, I guess we'll just have to deal with that when we have to deal with a little under 3 months.
  14. Practice yoga without snickering.  Yoga is hard.
  15. Buy some scissors for cutting hair...and cut hair.  I'm still cutting my hair with sewing scissors and buzzing Cody's head with his beard trimmer.  But at least we're not shaggy!
  16. Read 100 books.  I'm not going back through and counting because I know the number for the year is nowhere near this.  I'm going to go cry now.
  17. Read more poetry.  Yes!  It's been nice.  I hope to keep this up.  Fred Chappell and Adrienne Rich, I love you.
  18. Repaint the coffee table.  No.  And I'm definitely not going to try it now.  No sanding, no painting.
  19. Build a shelf for the arts and crafts supplies.  I'm going to say I did because I brought one home from a curb this summer.  I cleaned it off and put contact paper on it.  I can't just pass up an already assembled metal tool shelf because of some word choice
  20. Buy 0 cards.  I did it!  I don't remember why I wanted to do this, but I did.
  21. Make cute gift tags.  Um, no this really didn't happen.  I'm pretty sure most gift recipients were happy enough with their homemade cards that they didn't worry about the lack of gift tags.
  22. Have a successful no-spend adventure! in FebruaryYes, we really did!
  23. Start a house fund.  No, not even close.  Let's talk about something else.
  24. Get linked back to because I'm so cool.  Yes!  Thanks, Alana!
  25. Pay off my car.  We did it!  The title came in the afternoon I had my eighteen-week ultrasound and we found out we were having a healthy baby girl.  It was easily one of the happiest days of my life.
  26. Not say anything negative about Cody online.  I think I was mostly successful.  And he is so [redacted] lucky I was.
  27. Lots of walks to the library.  Walks are awesome.  The library is awesome.  I had some lovely weekend afternoons doing this.
  28. Get a headboard for our bed.  No. 
  29. Enjoy more pumpkin foods.  Yes.  Pumpkin foods are fantastic.  I'm not sure why I never got around to trying Yarnell's pumpkin pie ice cream, but there's always next year.

What are my goals for next year?  I don't know.  And, at this point, I don't care.  I know that's disorganized and slightly ugly, but whatever.  At some point during 28, I'll have a baby and get Internet at home and strong-arm Cody into giving me a nice 29th birthday.  I'll probably get around to making some New Year's resolutions when things slow down (ha!), but for now I'm just going to worry about making and sending 30 more Christmas cards, wrapping everyone's presents, finishing up Christmas shopping, finishing up Christmas making, and buying all my own birthday and Christmas presents.  Ahem.

Other things I liked about 27 (without explanation, links, or pictures):
  • singing in the car with my siblings
  • that whole baby thing
  • some lovely library sales
  • keeping my Christmas tree out all year long
  • getting new glasses
  • day trip adventures
  • some really excellent naps
  • wreath-making
  • going to Kelly's wedding
  • going to Jason and Mandy's wedding
  • being asked to take pictures at Kelly's wedding
  • some lovely grocery store dates
  • growing plants with moderate success
  • boots
  • coffee dates
  • friend stuff
  • weekend afternoons with family
  • getting surprised with flowers a few times this fall
  • Levi came back home
  • shopping trips with my sisters
  • Liberty of London
  • Stitch Nation
  • fantastic blog comments

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to work on those Christmas cards and start celebrating a little early with a nice cup of tea.

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Laine said...

I'm impressed with how much you did! And, (random) I'm glad you left your Christmas tree out all year.