Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Typo Tuesday: Typos Can Ruin A Shopping Experience

The bread's what?  And which bread?  And most importantly: whyyyyyy?

Look.  I like What's Cookin' meal mixes.  I really do.  Cody's mom had several samples a while ago, and she gave us a mix for enchilada soup and Cody made it and we ate it and we were happy.

So when I saw they had a booth at Holiday House a while ago, my friends and I darted over to check out their mixes for dips, soups, desserts, and any other good thing you might want.

And I have to say, I was happy! 

Until I saw this awful apostrophe error.

Then I got a very opinionated look on my face (or so I was told), said some words, and took this picture in disgust.

I get that the folks at What's Cookin' probably enjoy using apostrophes.  I can think of few things more folksy.  

But geez Louise, y'all.

See?  That's an appropriate use of an apostrophe.
Apostrophes are used to show a contraction between words, or to show possession.  Also, for reasons I don't understand, they can be used signal dropped "g"s and your down-homeness.  

Here is more information than you ever wanted on the apostrophe.  Just in case you do want it.

Full disclosure: I bought some of the mixes and will be giving them out as Christmas presents.  BUT nothing from the "Bread's" shelf.  I have my standards and I cannot compromise them for something as trivial as the seasonal holidays or your happiness.  

You're welcome.

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