Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today in fabulousness

Once upon a time, on this very day, Alana decided to grace the world with her presence.

The whole universe rejoiced, and all was fabulous (or so I would imagine.  I was still gestating somewhere in Oklahoma and missing all the excitement, as usual.  But I bet there was cake involved)!

Because Alana is truly fabulous.

This is not a word I throw around loosely.

When you think of fabulous women, a few other traits usually come to mind.
  • Like class.  Um, Alana wears heels and pearls.  And party dresses.
  • Like poise.  I just said she wears heels.
  • Oh, and graciousness!  She plans and hosts parties, and almost never tells people when they're being ridiculous.
  • And good humor.  Or at least she laughs at my jokes.

Alana is fabulous because she's a sweet daughter and a super-supportive big sister and probably the ideal wife.  On top of all of that, she's a lovely friend and I'm glad she's among mine.

I get very excited about seeing her.  To the point of distorting my face.  But she looks fabulous.
We like Martha Stewart, and Real Simple magazine, and good food, and super husbands.  We also like to think that because we agree on so many important things, we must certainly be right about them.  I have to give Alana the credit for that idea.  Because, you know, it was her idea first.  

Did I mention that she has great ideas and I usually agree with them?  Yes, there's that too.

Oh, and one time, our friends were talking about who in our circle of friends they would trade places with if they could and Alana said she would switch with me!  Why?  Well, she said I was always talking about Cody's cooking and how awesome he was and she'd like to see what that was like.

I was strangely okay with that.  You know why?  Because another one of her fabulous traits is that she is a woman who gets it.

I really do like Alana for less-superficial reasons, but all of the reasons are equally awesome reasons.  She's smart and funny and....you know, fabulous.

So ma'am: I hope you are having a truly fabulous birthday!  I love you tons and hope you're enjoying yourself!

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Alana said...

You are too kind, my friend! Thank you for the post! Love you so much!