Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Parties. Cakes. Varmits.

I went to a Steel Magnolias-themed shower this weekend.

I teased my hair for it and everything.

 Please try not to be jealous.

I know that's difficult.

 This is the decoration.

The shower was held at Kierre's because they have an event room, 
and because they serve sweet tea,
and because we could order super-Southern food if we wanted it.
(Jessi has a cell phone picture of me eating a sausage biscuit while holding the plate in front of my belly.)

 Brook went pretty hardcore with the decorations.
Lace tablecloths, old china, and doilies.
The doilies had quotes from the movie!

I was actually sitting by this one.

Naturally, we had to bring a lot of our own shower food as well.
Pumpkin muffins by Faith, chips and dip by Alana, tea packets by Brook.

More tea, and cocoa, by Brook and cucumber sandwiches from Alana.

My vegetable tray--everything but the carrots came from the farmer's market!  Not pictured: Jessi's fruit tray.

Most important, though, was this:

This is a red velvet cake that looks like an armadillo--just like the bleeding armadillo groom's cake in the movie!  The tail, claws, and ears were made of fondant.  The only way this could have been more perfect was if it had looked a little gray.....and maybe had a tire track running through the middle or something.

Otherwise, it was perfect and I'm pretty sure I'll be frequenting the HARPS bakery in Conway for all of my animal cake needs from now till forever.

You should probably do the same.
If you have such needs.

And, really, who among us hasn't?

By the way, this is why it gets called Bleeding Armadillo Groom's Cake in the movie:

If you want a cake in an animal shape, red velvet may not be your best selection.  
Unless you want it to look like this for movie-loving purposes.  And we did.  
Oh, how desperately this group of Southern women did.

Photo by Cody's cousin Lainey.  I love that the cake carcass is right in the front.

By the way, this is us (minus me because I cropped myself out because I had my eyes closed.  But I managed to not crop out the baby).
L to R: baby, Alana, (oh dear, I forgot her name but she was very nice!), Stephanie, Mandy (bride!), Brook (host and maid of honor), and Jessi.  
If you look closely, you'll see her fruit tray!

 And just one more picture, because I know you need to see this spectacular display of awesomeness and awfulness one last time:

You're welcome.


Laine said...

Well, I'm sad I didn't show up for this. I thought about it, but then didn't, becuase I don't even know Mandy. I, now, see that that was a mistake. I even would hav brought a gift! And I would have dressed up, super-crazy. I could have been the entertainment!

It looked like it was lovely...really.

Leah and I are going to have to start throwing themed parties, just for each other. I'll inform her of this tonight.

Mom2Four said...

I am sure that many people would have come to this party had they only known what lovely decor and amazing food choices awaited them. There is no way to know what we missed in the way of incredible conversation and good times and I am not ashamed to say this....PLEASE start inviting us to your super cool parties!!! We will bring food and gifts!!!!

Jen said...

Ha, this is awesome. I'm going to make sure Brook and Mandy see this!

BigDaddyRick said...

If you and your "group" continue to have such unusual cuisine, such as the bleeding road kill, you may have to start inviting the males of the group!