Friday, November 12, 2010

No spend, Week 2

It's time for the weekly no-spend post!  I have to be honest, I don't really know how much money we spent this week.  But I'm going to do my best to guesstimate.

Friday: $0

Saturday: $30 (I guess)
I love the farmer's market.  Alas, they don't give you receipts.  They might if you ask, but whatever.  I bought food for the shower, and I know I spent around $3.50 on apples for Cody.  I initially planned to keep the vegetables I bought for the shower separate, but since most of them weren't eaten and went into a salad and spaghetti sauce for us, I'll include everything.

Everything = apples, cucumbers, honey, 2 bell peppers, black cherry tomatoes, maybe squash (I don't remember if we already had it in the fridge or not), and a beeswax candle for Cody because he asked me to buy one and it's not that often he asks me to make his dreams come true.  I like to do that when I can.

Also: $4.81 for ranch dressing and carrots.

Sunday: $25.47 (I think)
I haven't been writing things down in my notebook this time, and I'm pretty haphazard about keeping up with receipts.  I do know we spent $8.47 at Kroger for molasses and face wash because of course we would both need soap right now, and because molasses is a crucial ingredient in gingerbread.  Or so Cody says.

We also bought some spices, milk, sugar, oatmeal, and .... other things (your guess is as good as mine at this point) at our corner grocery store for around $17.

Monday: $0

Tuesday: $0

Wednesday: $0

Thursday: $12.80
I turned down an offer to order pizza with some co-workers, but then I went out to dinner with some friends.  It was necessary.  The baby needed a burger, I needed the company, and there you go.

Also, Cody bought gas for $20 at some point during the week.

Our total for the week: $88.27

Exceptions to the no-spend rule:
  • Pre-natal vitamins and razor blades
  • Holiday House Christmas shopping with girlfriends, and the Starbucks trip that followed because Holiday House happens once a year
  • Bowling alley concessions at a bachelor/bachelorette party because these people will only marry each other once
  • Upgrading my photo storage memory on blogger because I don't think you'd read this thing if I stopped posting pictures
  • A planning meeting with friends on Tuesday night because this has been planned for quite some time
  • Petty cash donations to various office cake things.  Cakes and cards all over the place this week
  • Going to lunch with co-workers today because it's someone's last day

So.  This week's total plus last week's?


As miserably as we (okay, mostly I) failed at not spending money this week, I'm not that bothered.  (Mostly because I think our exceptions are outweighing our general spending, so holy smokes!)  The farmer's market won't be open that much longer, and I'm happy we got the fresh and local produce while we could.  We were out of honey and molasses.  The gingerbread Cody made with the molasses went to his mom because she had a cold and he wanted her to feel better.  I won't buy another candle, bar of soap, or a hamburger for a while.

Plus, we've had more unexpected expenses come along so it's nice that these things aren't wreaking havoc on our balance.

And we've had more social obligations than expected, and that's fine too.  At least we had the money to spend on them.  

The next week or so is looking pretty tame.

And just being in a no-spend makes us think more carefully about what we spend and what we already have.  I've had time to stop and really consider the gifts I want to buy or make for upcoming birthdays and Christmas.  I'm not going to run out and buy something I won't wind up using this way.  When the no-spend is over, I'll know exactly what I'm doing and be completely ready.  Cody's cooking with lovely stuff we're finding in the cabinets.  We're trying a few new dishes (rhubarb apple upside down cake, anyone?).  It's a good thing.

Or maybe I'm just in a good mood because Cody said he wanted to make more gingerbread soon.

After all, we have the molasses for it.

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