Friday, November 5, 2010

No spend, Week 1

Hi there!  

I decided to go ahead and mark today as the end of Week 1 of our no-spend November.

If you care about other no-spends, read this.

We normally do this is in February because it's a nice, slow, and short month.

Next February, I'll be around 8 months pregnant and we'll probably be trying to buy up a few more baby things, etc.  So November seemed like a good month to do.

It's starting to look like November's not the best month, though, because social engagements keep popping up unexpectedly.  But that's a nice problem to have, and I've decided to go ahead and pull out a set amount of discretionary funds to deal with fun little things like going out with friends.  This way, I get to feel like I'm still limiting what I spend, and I'm not going crazy because I'm using non-no-spend money (?), and our friends won't be deprived our wonderful company.  


Other things not covered under the no-spend:
  • Bills
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Anything medical
  • Laundry money
So that leaves us with $200 a month for groceries, gas, eating-out cravings, etc.

Why are we doing this?
To save up money, curb our shopping impulses, and enjoy this time of simpler living and low expenses before December hits.
How'd we do this week?  I'm so glad you asked.

Monday: $24
$16 for more groceries at Kroger
$8 for a sandwich for Cody

Even though we'd gone to the store the night before (yes, this was kind of cheating.  But we usually buy our groceries on weekends!), Cody needed more food.  Fine.

He also needed a sandwich apparently.  At a deli.  It went like this:

Jen [sees a to-go menu for the overpriced local grocery/deli]: Did you get a sandwich?
Cody: Yes.
Jen: Why?
Cody: There was nothing here.
Jen: You didn't want to buy a frozen pizza last night.
Cody: [a look]
Jen: How much did it cost?
Cody: $7.....$8.
Jen: You bought a sandwich on the first day of our no-spend?
Cody: Oh yeah...
Jen: [a look]

Tuesday: $0

Wednesday: $24 

$24 will buy a tank of gas for Cody

Thursday: $0 

Friday: $0
I'm saying $0 because I am using my 'discretionary money' for what may turn out to be Christmas shopping.  Or not.  Oh hush.  This is falling under a 'girl event' category and they're kind of rare, so I'm not factoring them into the normal expenses.

Our grand total

We're under budget!


Amber said...

You are such an awesome couple. Does Cody just play along with this scheme or is he totally on board? Except the sandwich, of course.

Jen said...

Ha, thanks! He's pretty on board. He doesn't like skimping on food, and I don't like cutting out impulse buys, but we're wanting to build up our savings and just take a little break from spending after the past few months.