Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blogging milestone

Important blog announcement: I have run out of space for pictures.  I am at 99.98% capacity.

I discovered this after I had a few minutes to spare yesterday afternoon before I went home, so I thought I'd go ahead and upload pictures from my weekend so that I could just caption them today and you could enjoy a glimpse into my fabulous life and the amazing Steel Magnolias-themed wedding shower I went to this weekend.

But no.

I got an error message from Google saying I'd exceeded my memory limit on photos uploaded and that I would have to buy more storage.  Like, with money.

(This, like 50 or so other things that have popped up this month, would be an exception to the no-spend.)

So I looked at my options, packed up and went home, and shared this thrilling news with my husband who winces a little any time the word "blog" comes into conversation.  

The conversation to follow went really well, I think:

Jen: My blog has too many pictures.
Cody: [sigh] Of course it does.
Jen: I need to buy more storage.  I can get ...... some number of gigabytes for....some dollars or something.  I didn't write it down.
Cody: This is like having a porn account!
Jen: No, I don't think it's like that at all.
Cody: You have to get a new blog or something.
Jen: No.
Cody: It's going to say "Internet charge," and everyone's going to think it's for a porn account!
Jen: It will say "Internet charge" where?
Cody: On our statement!
Jen: The only people who see that are you and me, and we both know it's not for that.
Cody: The bank, Jen!  The bank sees our statement!
Jen: Do you want me to write the bank a note?  "Dear Bank, this is for my blog."
Cody: Sigh.

The rest of the night consisted of going to the library, eating dinner, watching TV, and washing dishes.  I forgot to ask if he was joking or not.

So this morning, I discovered I could get 20 times as much space as I used in 3.5 years of blogging (half of the memory was used up after I got a digital camera last December.  Surprised?  Me neither) for $5 a year.  I called Cody the Intense Disliker of All Things Internet, and filled him in.
More sighing.
"We're going to look like horrible people."
"I'm out of storage!"
"They're* going to be like, 'Storage for what?'"
"Listen, the world needs to see pictures of me pregnant.  And I can't have a blog once we have a baby without pictures.  This is a blogger account.  I'm in mommyland over here."

Then I told him how much memory I'd have for the little tiny price and he said he was fine with it.  I checked our online balance and told him it just showed that we were being charged by Google.  

He said he had been just joking all along.

I'm not sure if this is an example of his commitment to taking a joke way too far, or of his intense paranoia about the Internet being used for anything other than online shopping and wikipedia articles about comic story arcs.

Either way, I just wanted to let you know that you will be seeing pictures back on here tomorrow and that my husband is funny.

At least, I laugh at him a lot.

*No, I don't know who "they" are.


Erin said...

Aww...your hubby winces at your "blog-thingy" too?! Klay gets annoyed at the talk of my "blog thingy" and my "little online buddies."

Jen said...

I wish I had recorded him the day I told I'd found a blog devoted to David Tennant's hair. Most of the time he just shakes his head, though.

Alana said...

Ha! Oh, Cody.