Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend pictures


On Saturday, I noticed my morning glories surprised me with 2 pretty flowers.  They're so big--it's like they've been saving up this prettiness all summer.

And I went to see my lovely family in the country.
Eggs for the day.

And made Levi model this helmet for me because I like it.

Why does my brother have this helmet?
Because he's cooler than you, that's why.
Oddly enough, this reminds me of pictures from when Levi was little.  That's my basket of laundry in the background.  Mom had everything tidy, but I dragged in some dirty clothes and then made Levi play dress-up with helmets.

And dug up and admired Mom and Dallas's amazing sweet potatoes.

Monster tubers!  I got to take some home.


I went to a pumpkin patch!  I took a lot of pictures, but forgot that afternoon sun is really glaring and harsh.  You'd think I'd notice, but I was too distracted with the pretty weather and my friends and a slew of pumpkins.  I played with some of these, but not all.  

I also feel like I should mention that you don't actually go out and pick your own pumpkin.  The geniuses at the farm grew pumpkins, cut them, and then placed them amongst the gourd plants and vines that were done growing pumpkins.  So you get to wander out in a field and look at pumpkins and take cute pictures of your kids, and they don't have to worry about the liability of people running around with knives, or someone pulling up vines trying to cut off their pumpkin. Win-win!

Okay, pictures!

Brook, Sarah, and Mandy love hayrides around Christmas tree farms.
So do Jessi and Alana!
My tragic plight in life.
Jessi, holding her new best friend.  I think she named it.
They had a hay tower and a tunnel and a slide!
We played around on it a lot.
There was a petting zoo.  They had goats
And ducks and chickens
Yes, even fancy chickens!
And a little mule!  And an anti-social sheep that I didn't photograph.
We watched a pig race!
This is Wilbur, the champion.
Oh, and here are some pumpkin pictures.

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Anonymous said...

That pumpkin patch looks amazing! Leah and I need to find one here, ASAP. I also saw some pictures your friends tagged of you on FB, and your belly looks very nice.