Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sister Fall Adventure Party!

This is my post about the weekend!  

On Saturday morning, I met up with Sara and she drove us to see Laine in Memphis!  We exchanged a lot of gossip, and indulged in a lot of spirited singing and dancing to Katy Perry and some old NSYNC.
She's really excited because we love adventures.  And we'd just eaten a lot of doughnuts.

Laine made us a cheeseball that looks like a pumpkin!  This party is awesome!
 So.  My sisters are sneaky.  I thought we were having a Fall Sister Party, but they surprised me by introducing another element--Baby Party!  I mean, yes, I brought pictures of the ultrasound for them (and a super exciting video that they watched twice, and with great enthusiasm), but I didn't know the baby was getting presents!  But my sisters like babies and shopping and ta da!
This is Laine's perfect wrapping job.  She's really good at wrapping presents.

Photos by Laine.  This is me tearing into Laine's perfect wrapping.

I think Sara is dissatisfied with my picture face.

Laine wrapped up my original onesie.

"Fresh From the Oven!" For when my little cupcake is....fresh from the oven.  It's pink because we know she's a girl.

I don't know what's up with my face, but I really like Sara's gift bag.  I love Noah's ark.

And the super adorable Mary Jane socks!

I can't stand it!

Just look at these little socks!  So fancy.
 After the awesome Baby Party, we did what we do best: eat, talk, laugh, go to Target.

We checked out the Pottery Barn outlet, but I didn't take pictures and we didn't buy anything.  Then we went to Target.  The new one!  It's exciting enough that Memphis Targets are bigger and fancier than the ones in central Arkansas (you know, where we're all toothless hillbillies), but a new one?  Awesome.  We piled into the same dressing room because that's what we do, and started dressing Sara in business casual and me in ......  things that fit.  The girls were pretty impressed with my belly once I started changing.  Laine even made Leah come in the dressing room so she could check out my tummy, and vote on Sara's outfits.

By the way, Leah was on the adventure! As the fifth sister (the fourth is Sara's friend, Erin Ann, who was invited, but had a business trip to prepare for.  She's growing up so fast and we're just so proud of her!) and Laine and Robert's roommate, Leah was off-work and pretty much required to have fun with us.  So even though she tried on clothes in her own dressing room, and I somehow have no pictures of her from the whole day, Leah was in on all the fun.  And yes, she was impressed with my stomach and had some opinions on the clothes Laine picked out for Sara.

We went back to the house to eat some of Laine's lovely vegetable soup and watched her sneak through the house, slamming doors and closing blinds to hide from campaign canvassers/door-to-door salespeople.  It was really fun.

In addition to Target and a Pottery Barn outlet, we hit up Yarniverse because I don't generally visit Memphis without going to Yarniverse.  Sara picked out yarn for her Christmas scarf, and then I picked out a nice skein of green wool.  I don't know what I'll do with it, but I like it.

We also went to Starbucks and then to Muddy's.  Muddy's is owned and operated by Laine's real estate agent's daughter.  True story.  That's also where Laine's been buying the cute, baking-themed onesies.  And where we had Jessi's birthday party.  And they have limited-time-only pumpkin cupcakes (which is what I got!). 
This was supposed to be a candid shot of them talking.  They always take pictures like this.  Not pictured: Laine's real estate agent, Jan.  She was there, and we chatted a little and she remembered me from the last time we met.

We ate cupcakes and drank Starbucks in the picturesque backyard.  Until the mosquitoes got us.

Then we went inside.  I think Laine and Sara disagree with Robert here.
I used Laine's washer and dryer most of the day.  Laine put my cupcake for Cody into some Tupperware.  Leah hemmed some of Sara's new pants.  Sara and I went through clothes Laine didn't want anymore--I love finally being able to borrow clothes from my sisters!  We watched the ultrasound DVD and Robert carried my clothes downstairs for me.  

We either told Robert about our amazing adventures (Laine and Sara freak out a cop.  Sara makes a new friend at Starbucks.  Jen's belly button is weird.  Laine and Leah get awkward with an old classmate in Target. Jen almost slaps Sara in the face because she's used to whacking Cody in the arm and Sara is much shorter than Cody.  Sara accidentally gets involved in a discussion about knitting in Yarniverse.  The sisters find husbands for Leah) or acted them out for him.  I think he was fascinated.

Then Sara and I piled all of our belongings into her car and headed back to our fair state.  Sara booted me out of the car at our parents' house after I gave her all the cash in my wallet, and then Dad helped us transfer things from her car to mine (thanks, Dad!).  I talked about baby things with Mom, Dad, and Levi and updated them on our adventures.  Then I made Levi stop watching the race so we could check out the ultrasound movie.  They were excited.  Okay, then we turned the race back on, and I stayed until I saw who won (Jamie McMurray).  Then I actually went home to my husband, farm fresh eggs in tow (thanks, Mom!).  I hadn't seen him in a while.

Cody was enthralled by my stories and yarn purchases.  He always is.  I should have gone straight to bed because it was getting a little late, but I had to stay up for more talking and eating.  

After all, it's what I do best.

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Yay sister weekend! And, I just now noticed that I have something fancy on my head in the picture from Muddy's...very festive. I like it!