Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scenes from a very fall weekend.

Here are some pictures from this very fall-tastic weekend.

Fall leaves I saw on my way home from work Friday.

Yellow four o'clocks!

I almost never see these!

Saturday morning: my beautiful new mud flap!

My amazing new sun visor!

My amazing new sun visor in the down position!

Saturday afternoon: Brook's fall mantel.

Brook's new mantel, Part II.

Our arsenal.



Also mine!  Cody didn't carve a pumpkin.

Thomas carves plastic pumpkins.

Jessica helps.  Look at how gleeful she is about gutting that thing.

By the way, I think Jessi took all of these.

Brook cannot handle whatever Jeff is doing.

We love the smell of freshly demolished pumpkins in the afternoon.

Guts.  Cody took a lot of the seeds to roast later.

Brad is really serious about this.

Jessi is seriously wearing a Star Wars apron!

I don't know.  Someone told us to smile.

By the way, we watched Ice Spiders while we carved.  It's a classic.

Jessi's pumpkin.

Idyllic carving scene.

I think I wore the apron wrong.  But my shirt was safe.

You don't question her carving decisions.

She's ready to go!

Our finished products!  You can't see Brad's because he did the fancy 'shaving' move instead of actually carving.  It looked really cool, though.

Brook's scary skull.

Jessi did her own name!

This is mine!


My pumpkin with the other pumpkins.  I later cut, cleaned, and roasted 2 of the little pumpkins for baking purposes. 

Sunday evening: the baby and I are ready to party, storm watches be darned!

Jason and Mandy's cupcakes at their shower in the park.

Caramel apples!

Fritos for the two different kinds of chili!

Travis!  And presents!

Cute fall, outdoorsy decor.

Shy Cody.

A better view of the gifts.

I was proud of my packaging.  I'd planned to use those paper leaves for garland, but then didn't.  So I thought I'd be cute with the gift wrapping for such a fall-ish party.

This is the bride and groom with my gift.  I gave them an electric knife and a little first aid kit.  Because, you know, I gave them an electric knife.

Bride and groom with the co-hosts of the shower--the best man and the maid of honor.

Then we cleaned up.

I really liked this little display outside the pavilion.

Cute, cute, cute.

Then Cody and I went home and went to bed.  This is Cody in his special pajamas, reading comics.

And that! was what my weekend looked like.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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