Monday, October 11, 2010

Scenes from my weekend

Not pictured: the cheese dip contest with friends, where we all paid $5 for the privilege of accepting food from strangers.  Me vowing to not eat cheese again.  And some my boots from Target.  Or me falling asleep in a Barnes & Noble after walking around at the fair on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Morning glory vines on my front porch, Friday evening.
I was feeling creative about the display of my gourds.

My zinnias are still hanging on.

And the marigolds are actually blooming like never before.

Hiding morning glories.

Fair ribbons on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I didn't make it much farther than this.  My teeth are probably grateful.

The grand champion winner of the junior crocheted/knitted category.  I must say, the crocheted afghan of 2000 was a much more worth recipient of the Best of Show ribbon.  (I still have it somewhere, if you want to see it.)

AHHHH!  We love the quilts.  This one won.

I just took a picture because I thought Sara would like it.

I always planned to make beautifully embroidered tea towels when I grew up.

Barn 2.  The other barns didn't look like this.

By the way, Cody had a blast.
Cattle!  I know they just look like calves, but when I took the picture I could have sworn that the Hereford was one of those old-fashioned, squatty types.  I love those.

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