Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A morning story about Cody

I overslept a little this morning.  The chilliness makes me want to hibernate and I didn't sleep that great last night (it's pretty impossible to wake up from a dream about someone breaking in to our home and then not stay awake for a while to listen for noises, just in case) and so I just needed a little more time to pull myself together this morning.  So I let my supervisor know I'd be an hour late, fixed myself a bowl of cereal, and sat back to enjoy the spectacle of watching Cody try to wake up.  

Okay.  I love watching how people wake up because everyone's so different.  A lot of my family wakes up a little grumpy, but mostly functioning.  My parents and Sara are completely lucid just a few seconds after they open their eyes.  Laine wakes up mad, though, so you have to leave her alone.  And Levi has to sit in silence for up to an hour before he can even shuffle around for breakfast.

Cody is really interesting to observe in the mornings.

Cody is just fun to watch any time, but mornings are pretty interesting.  He usually tries to wake up a little while he's in bed, especially if I'm talking to him nonstop (guess how I wake up?).  Then he talks about how cold he is.  Then he gets some water and nothing else really happens until he drinks a quart or so.  He'll sit huddled in a chair, looking really sad (he's not sad.  I know because I have to ask) and drinking water.  Every now and then he'll catch my eye, and he'll smile politely and wave.  It's like he wants to engage, but just can't.  

After he drinks some water, he tries to get a breakfast together or figure out his schedule for the morning.  This usually involves giving me a hug, walking somewhere, and then stopping dead in his tracks while he tries to figure something out.

I'm not even going to try to figure out how long this takes.  But I enjoyed checking in with Cody while I was getting ready for work this morning because he's usually still in bed when I leave.  

And I'm really glad I stuck around this morning, because the enjoyable Slow Cody Morning routine was really special this morning.

I was in the bedroom when I noticed Cody standing in the hallway, staring at the floor.  I didn't see anything on the floor, so I had to ask:

"Whatcha got going on there, man?"
"My toe grew."

Wait, what?

Cody wears a size 13 shoe.  His feet are long.  His feet are wide.  His feet are just plain big.

Cody is also 26 years old.  This cannot be happening.

Can it?

His middle toe is not supposed to be that long.
Here's his other set of toes for comparison.
And here's a picture I took in July.  It's hard to tell, but I think the toe is shorter here.

Oh my goodness.  

I couldn't believe it.

Cody was pretty unfazed.  Or still sleepy.

"This would explain why it hurts." he said.

Wait, your foot?

No, just the toe.  

It's not smashed.  He hasn't pulled anything.  Everything is still in place.

His shoes should still fit.  

His toe just grew a little, possibly overnight.

The man is just full of surprises.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. You were right. I did enjoy this...heh.


Christi said...

I don't know why, but I actually guffawed at you saying, "Whatcha got going on there, man?"