Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Friday list time

  • Our bank's customer service is very helpful.  I've been spotting random withdrawals on our online statements that Cody can't explain/doesn't remember making.  They've had me worried, and I went ahead and called about one I saw this morning.  After some transfers and friendly conversations, I was Cody making the withdrawals.  Positive: no one else is accessing our account.  Negative: I said I wouldn't say anything negative about Cody online.  Neutral: we'll be reassessing our weekly cash practices (trans: I should really withdraw cash every week and we'll use it for discretionary spending....and I'll have to remember to give him some of the cash).
  • It's Friday!  This is my last paycheck to have premiums for both Cody and me taken out--yes, I'm booting him off of my health insurance!  I promise this has nothing to do with the unplanned ATM withdrawals.  I mean it!  I can only alter my insurance plan once a year, and last year Cody hadn't been at his job long enough to apply for their insurance.  This year, however, that dude is gone.  With the money we'll save on my premiums, we can easily set up a little stash to take care of his pre-deductible expenses.
  • I didn't pay for my car this month.  It felt good.
  • Tomorrow, I'm taking my car in for new windshield wipers, a new mudflap, and a sun visor of my very own! (If you have sun visor problems and you're really perturbed by how often it falls down and obstructs your vision and you get so angry that you want to rip the sun visor out of your ceiling and throw it in your floorboard--don't. You will regret it.)  My little car will be so fancy and beautiful.
  • I'm going to carve pumpkins tomorrow!
  • Erin posted this very helpful tutorial that I'll keep in mind if I get confused.
  • I'm going to a wedding shower this weekend and I bought a gift last night instead of waiting until the morning of!  The real reason for this is that I am very easily confused by registries, and I didn't want to show up to a shower all tear-streaked from my registry shopping meltdown.
  • I did not have a meltdown shopping last night.  Having days to pick something out can really take some stress out of the experience.
  • Due to my recent obsession with food, Cody and I have been making lots of plans to eat at a lot of places.*  I have a strong and persistent Pizza Hut craving that I'm going to see if we can take care of this weekend.  And maybe my chicken strips craving.  
  • I bought ice cream Snickers last night.  I don't know what happened.  Stay calm, I've been eating yogurt or cereal** whenever I wanted ice cream all this time.  But I saw that box and something came over me.  It was a powerful experience and I was helpless in its grasp.  Cody wants to try some, too, so he'll help save me from some of the sugar.
  • The nuts in Snickers have protein!  
  • I think I'm going to buy some walnuts at the grocery store this weekend.
  • I also think I'm going to be super obnoxious and photograph all of my baby stuff this weekend.  I have 3 onesies from Laine and my friends, 2 quilts from Cody's mom (one of which was made by her sisters and has a bear on it--we love bears!) and an afghan from when Cody and Casey were babies, the perfect 1980s Razorback sweat suit from Cody's mom that the baby won't be able to wear until she's probably at least a year old but it makes me so happy to look at it because it reminds me of our Razorback t-shirts, a quilt I bought, and my little socks from Sara.
  • Mom is working on a quilt that was initially going to be for one of us (I think it was for Sara) that's going to be for my baby!  She wants to re-do the border.
  • Cody and I need to get started on our quilt!  It's not like this baby is going to be hurting for covers, but I don't want to be left out of all the fun.
  • Speaking of fun: I got a couple of my baby books in the mail yesterday!  One is about pregnancy, birth, and early baby care, and the other is about making stuff for moms and babies.  I will need a ridiculous amount of help with the clothing projects (Ahhh!  It's been over a decade since I had anything to do with interfacing!), but I love the little cloth blocks and felt chickens and this Hide and Seek Spectrum Quilt that had me waving the book at Cody and yelling "AWwwww!  Little brain development!"
  • Also fun: coming out at work.  Yes, some people actually were surprised.  I just finished having a conversation with a co-worker who did not have a clue until today.  He swears he had not guessed.  Boys are weird.  But everyone's been happy for me, so that's nice.  They don't even seem to mind that I'll be skipping out of our busiest time to have a baby and take some vacation days.  Suckers!
  • Even more fun: I found out that the lamb my parents graciously raised for us will be ready for consumption next week.  I'm going to enjoy lamb meat!  Thanks, Mom and Dad!  They're my favorite parents.  I'm also going to be gracious and not re-post a picture of the lambs I took this summer.  You're welcome.
  • Weekend goals that absolutely must be accomplished: mailing baby pictures to my grandmas, Bible shopping with Cody, cashing a $2 refund check from when I overpaid my last car payment, closing out a bank account, wearing dresses and boots, doing things socially with friends, having a coffee date with Cody, buying butternut squash and zucchini at the farmer's market, trying out an ice cream Snickers for the first time in years, and a nap.
I hope that you have a blast this weekend.  And that you're getting enough calcium.  If you need more milk in your diet, I would like to suggest Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds cereal.  

And I hope you get a nap.

*Fine.  I have been making plans while Cody looks concerned and asks, "Do you really need to make a list of all the places you want to eat?" while I get excited about barbecue at 11 o'clock at night.
**Dear Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds,
Please consider sponsoring my pregnancy.  I would sing your praises all day long.
Postscript: Free samples would be fine, too.

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Christi said...

1. Regarding the lamb pictures: Thank you.

2. I love dresses/skirts with boots! I like when tights are thrown into the equation, as well.

3. I think you should know that there's a derby girl who plays for the Shreveport team named Butternut Squasher.

4. I had a fabulous weekend!

5. Tendrils. (Sorry, I had to randomly throw that in there.)