Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday wellness

I'm back.  I hope you missed me.  That makes me feel special. 

Yesterday wasn't even a fun sick day!  I wanted to sleep, but kept getting up to go to the bathroom.  I wanted to eat, but food was disgusting.  I wanted to make some tea, but getting up and warming some water seemed just too hard.  Then I went to the restaurant and asked for a dinner of just rolls and Sierra Mist and Cody acted like he wouldn't give them to me and I nearly cried.  

The day was not without merit, though.  I took a nap.  I bought some bigger flats for work.  I ate bread and went to sleep at a decent hour and woke up feeling better.  And......

I maybe felt the baby moving!

Maybe.  I'm not sure.  

It could just be my belly growing in leaps in bounds.  I'm telling you, I look different every 2-3 days.  

But I bet it was the baby moving.  Yes.

I've already decided that I'm going to do a normal baby update on Monday, even though I'll leave work early to have my ultrasound and find out what I'm having.  I figure Week 18 is important enough to warrant its own post and I can tell you about how I feel, how I'm growing, how the baby's growing, and how Cody had a mild freakout when he realized we hadn't bought the baby any books yet and that resulted in a very intense discussion of what books we'll have.  Then, on Tuesday, I'll tell you if we're having a boy or a girl!  

I have a feeling it won't matter.  Cody and I will be excited either way.  Family and friends will text us back "Yay!" either way.  We'll dress it up as Batman either way.  Our parents will want to teach it about tractors and horticulture and games either way.  I want to play trains.  Cody wants to play kitchen. 

But we're still very excited about knowing a little more about this baby.

In other happy news (because it's Friday and I love making happy lists):
  • The state fair starts today!  
  • The cheese dip festival happens tomorrow! 
  • I got paid today so I'm going to buy boots this weekend!
  • Our voter registration cards came in the mail.  Cody and I never signed up for our new voting district when we moved last summer, and then we missed voting in the primaries.  But now we're ready!
  • I went to Subway and got a sandwich because today is Friday.
  • I got a new (to me) computer that is supposedly faster than the old one, and it has Windows 2007.  Windows 2007 does strange things to my blogger dashboard, but whatever.  This is supposed to make life better for us, just like every other upgrade to Microsoft programs.
  • I'm sarcastic today.
  • I got some good news from a friend about a good thing.
  • I'm wearing a dress with tights and the dress isn't sticking to the tights!  I'm so fashionable!  I will wear this outfit again!  Because it fits.
  • Being blocked from Facebook has sheltered me pretty nicely from breast cancer awareness posts.  I'm all for funding for research and finding a cure for any cancer, but breast cancer awareness seems to get highjacked by the most annoying groups with the most annoying slogans.  Also, I hate pastel pink.  Being away from Facebook, and the grocery store (no, I will not be buying Crisco to find a cure!) so far has kept me in my happy, insulated baby-loving world.
  • I've been pretty insulated in this happy, insulated baby-loving world of mine lately.  I'm a lot more likely to just cut someone off in the middle of an unpleasant story, when before I would have sat through it uncomfortably and then be bothered and unhappy afterward.  I tell Cody we can't watch certain shows or movies that seem too suspenseful or violent or misogynist.  And the news (which I don't like watching anyway)?  Nope!  I'm exempt.  I watch clips of The Rachel Maddow Show online just to keep up with crazy politics, but that's it.  Everything is happy and safe right now and that makes me feel like the baby is happy and safe.  And that makes me happy.
  • I'm linking you to this because I don't remember how to embed a video right now.  Just listen to the song.  It's happy.  Not entirely Christmas-y, but enough to make you feel extra happy.
  • Did I tell you I have pumpkins and gourds arranged on my front porch?  I do.  It's lovely and fall-ish at my house. 
  • Fall, fall, fall.  
  • Decongestants, Neti pots, more decongestants, tissues, inhalers.
  • Pumpkins and baby and weekend.

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Erin said...

I'm so happy I made your blog post by telling you I know how to knit now! lol Isn't THAT the good news from a friend about a good thing? I plan to make my good news public next week, I'm post pics of my lovely 2 inch long ;-)