Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday lists and thoughts and plans

  • I love Rachel Maddow.  Her show almost makes me enjoy politics.  And I don't like politics.  She will be one of those strong female role models for my daughter.  She's up there with Julie Andrews.
  • Rachel Maddow and Julie Andrews have kind of similar haircuts.
  • I love Julie Andrews.  She's so gracious and poised.
  • I can't believe I sat through the Princess Diaries II just to see Julie Andrews, but still haven't checked out that tooth fairy movie with Dwayne Johnson.  Shameful.
  • You know whose writing I've really been enjoying lately?  Mick Foley's.  He seems like a super stand-up guy, and I really like his conversational style.  He had a nice piece in Slate a few weeks ago, and I was pretty much sucked in after that.
  • I still don't get wrestling.
  • I went to dinner with friends last night and we had some lovely food and conversations.  
  • I really love how I feel after I brush my teeth and floss after I've eaten barbecue.  It's like I've really accomplished something good and worthwhile for my health.  It's the little things.
  • Tomorrow, Sara and I are joining Laine in Memphis for a little day trip sister adventure!  Yarn purchasing, browsing stores we can't afford, Starbucks, and soup are on our list.  Also, I'm bringing banana nut bread.
  • My quilt shipped today.
  • I have quite a few crafty friends and I love watching them to do their thing--whether it's online or in person.  Erin knits, Jessi makes baby hats, Faith does things with felt, Kelly is quilting--I love watching projects progress as friends take pride in what they create.  I also love that I can have serious conversations about Lion Brand yarns with people.  I used to never think that would be possible.
  • I just had a great conversation with my mom about poetry.  You just had to be there.
  • I have a lot more granny squares for a little afghan than I thought!  
  • The weather is pretty.  I can't wait to go play in it.
  • I hope you have a safe and beautiful and happy weekend.

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