Thursday, October 14, 2010

A far too long post where I rationalize my spending habits

I bought something for the baby.  

I realize this isn't entirely unheard of.  Expectant parents typically buy things for their children before they're born.  

But I've been holding off.  We've been watching our money.  We've actually been getting rid of things that we don't want cluttering up our lives.  

Okay, we've also been spending our money on me.

I need new clothes, I need new shoes, I need some waistband thing that lets me wear my blue jeans unzipped, I need prenatal vitamins, I need a body pillow, and I need a summer camp's supply of popsicles.

So we've been paying for all those things, on top of the extra payments we've been making to my doctor's office as part of our package co-pay (we're nearly done!), a really big payment to pay off my car, and the daily expenses of life.  It would seem that Cody also thinks he should be fed on a regular basis.

Thus far, my only specific baby-related purchase was a baby memory book.  It's been on sale at Barnes & Noble for over a year and I'd been admiring it the entire time.  I wanted to buy it in anticipation, but didn't want to jinx myself.  So I waited until I was pregnant.  Then I bought it.  Then I showed it to practically every member of my family.

Oh!  I just remembered I also bought a book about babies.  We bought it for Robert a couple of Christmases ago when his brother was having a baby and it was really cool.  When we saw it on sale, I grabbed it up.  Then I had to stop reading it because it's full of pictures of adorable babies and I can't take that kind of suspense.

Which brings me to the real reason why I haven't bought a lot of baby things.

Yes, I know the experts and advice givers tell you to wait and see what other people get you (and they've already given me things!  I love other people!  I have some lovely other people in my life!).  But really I just couldn't take the suspense.

See this onesie?

Laine bought this for the baby maybe 36 hours after we'd told our family we were expecting.  In those 36 hours (or less time than that, probably), she'd asked me if she could tell Leah and her co-worker Dennese no fewer than 10 times.  She had also created a guest list and discussed party locations for the baby shower she and Sara had almost completely planned (date and theme pending).  Meanwhile, Levi searched for car seats online for hours and had his sights set on a very particular, very hardcore, and very safe one. 

My siblings are nothing if not supportive.  And enthusiastic.  And organized.  And awesome.

So Laine bought a onesie and immediately emailed pictures to me (and everyone else) and asked if I wanted her to send it to me.

I freaked out a little.  This onesie was a size 3-6 months!  I couldn't use it for a year!  It was yellow, and baking-themed, and adorable!  There was no way that cute little piece of awesome could be allowed to taunt me for a full year!  What kind of horrible sister does this to a sister she supposedly loves?

(Hormones are hard.)

So I asked Laine to keep it for me, and I visited it the last time I went to her house.

And there it stays.

Since then I've accumulated a few more items.  Time has passed and hormones are a little friendlier to me.  Since we've found out we're having a girl, I've been asking my mom about some of my old sweaters and dresses because my parents seriously know how to dress some cute kids (I wonder if she'd let me check out Levi's old baby bow ties too......a girl can dream).  

I have clothes that I've outgrown (pre-pregnancy) that I've been saving just in case I need to turn them into little girl rompers.  

I have fabric set aside for the quilt Cody and I will make for her.  It will be our first sewing project together!  It will be Cody's first quilt!  For our first baby!  It's my favorite upcoming project, after growing the baby.

I have also been crocheting granny squares for an afghan.

Mostly, though, I've just been planning and enjoying this feeling of expectancy.  I've been eating well and feeling good and getting exercise and smiling while people give me advice.  None of those things require a lot of consumerism.

I did finally order some pregnancy books this afternoon!  (Don't worry, I've been reading pregnancy books from the very beginning.  I just checked them out from the library to see what I liked first.)

But so far, my impulses to squeal over every baby item I see have been limited to squealing over every baby item I see in stores.  I stop myself before I get to the part where you pick it up, pay for it, and take it home.

Babies don't need all those weird things you're seeing in catalogs and on silly young things' registries!  Babies need love and nutrition and attentive parents who, above all, have read helpful books (trans: have grandparents nearby to help)!  

All of these fluffy, soft, animal-themed, color-coordinated trappings are just a marketing ploy.  A clever, manipulative, evil marketing ploy, I tell you!

Baby preparation should either be practical (like diapers) or meaningful (like heirlooms), or both (like stealing your old crib from parents)!


I was looking for bakeware online.  


Anyway, I'm looking at lovely pans and whatnot on Target's website when one of the 'suggested items' was a Liberty of London curtain panel.  

What does this have to do with my baking needs?  I don't know or care.  I was just happy to find Liberty of London stuff on sale and still available on Target's website.  Check it out!

Being the inquisitive Nancy Drew-wannabe that I am, I investigated further and discovered the baby bedding.

And found this:

A Liberty of London baby quilt.
A Liberty of London baby quilt?

A Liberty of London baby quilt!

Baby's first Liberty of London item?!?!  

On sale for under $20?!?!?!

And I'm having a girl?!?!?!

It should get here late next week.


Anonymous said...

$20 well spent, for sure!


Amber said...

I love, Love, LOVE it! I'm envious.