Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do you see your Christmas present in here?

Cranberry-colored scarf that's probably a little over 6 feet long.

Afghan scarf!

One time, I gave one to Jessi and she was really happy.

I have no idea what you're supposed to do with this yarn, but I made it into a scarf.  I have one (not this one) that I wear and I like it.  I also have enough yarn to make a second one.

And this is a Christmas-y version!

This is wool, and probably around 6 feet long.  I knitted it during one of those snow episodes.

I thought I was being pretty fancy with this checkerboard pattern.

This is just an airy, fall-looking scarf that's around 6.5 feet long.

I like this because it reminds me of Care Bear colors.

This is with some Stitch Nation wool.  I really liked it!

Cody offered to model some of the scarves for me.  But after seeing his model smile and pose, I laughed too much to take any pictures after this one.  I hoped seeing the scarf on a real person helped you picture the size.....and didn't scar you.  Much.

I really don't know what this is made of.  It was on sale at Michaels last year.

And it sparkles!  I think I made one like this for Laine.  Or Alana.  Or someone else.  I've started keeping a notebook where I write down the yarn type, color, needle size, and pattern for every project.  Then I can write who I gave the project to and keep track of these things better.  But I just started that this week.  So.

 And these are the wristwarmers!
I have enough yarn to make a second pair of the gray, a second pair of the blue, maybe 2 more pairs of the brown, and I'm working on a second pair of the orange set because the one in this picture is mine.

See how I personalized it?

This is me, apparently with my five-year-old face, showing Cody what a wristwarmer looks like on my arm.  You may have noticed the other ones are an inch longer than the one I'm wearing.  And they're knit, so they're stretchier than you'd think and they'll probably fit you.

Okay, ignore this face too.  I was showing Cody a side view because I really like these acorns.  Holding my arm like this makes me feel like I'm hardcore, and blocking blows or deflecting bullets.

I have no idea why I would think that.
So.  I hope you found your Christmas or birthday present!  Or something you want to give to someone else as a present.  That's cool, too.  I accept payments in the form of Starbucks.  Or more yarn.  Because I like to make things with yarn.  You may have noticed.  If you want to call dibs on something, or even make a special request (because I have more yarn!  I can do other things!), comment or email me or tell me the next time you see me.  



Merry Christmas!


Erin said...

You are taunting me with your knitting abilities. Everytime I am in Hobby Lobby I look at the yard and envision cute scarves and other such knitted things. Then I almost buy yarn, then I remember I cannot knit. Then I remember I bought a "teach yourself to knit" book and its sitting at home and I should read it and learn. Then I remember I tried and their pictures don't make any sense. And THIS is why it takes me hours in Hobby Lobby.

Anonymous said...

I just tried to look at this again, to see what I want, but I just CANNOT get past that picture of Cody without laughing, and trying laugh not very loud, because I'm at work, and getting all teary-eyed and shakey! Ahh...I'll be back again later to make my choices. I do like the checker pattern scarf. I just can't look at this right now...


Alana said...

Yes, I was the recipient of the beautiful, purple, sparkly scarf! Love, love, love it! I cannot wait to start wearing it again!

Christi said...

Eee! Bonus points for the Wonder Woman picture! Speaking of which, have you seen this?

I also just had this idea of making Wonder Woman-inspired wrist cuffs once I progress in my knitting abilities.

I love the scarves!! I tried learning how to do a checkerboard pattern last week, and failed. Will go back to that later. I love the color of the cranberry one, and the fact that it looks like something I can do!

Cody should model for catalogs. That picture is hilarious.