Friday, September 3, 2010

Zoo pictures and stories

This is a sleeping lion.
These are sleeping tigers.
Look, Brad, this is a red panda!  Laine was scared it would jump down on us.
I don't know.  I just don't know.
Swimming penguins!  They were pretty fast.
These are some killer fish inside the herpetarium.
These are some happy fish living in harmony.
Here are some turtles that caused a little boy to scream with joy.  Literally. 
Shifty-looking alligator.
Giant turtle.
Look!  A sleeping panda!
And here's another one!
After the pandas, I ate a popsicle.  It was green.
Photo by Laine.  Cody and I love the zoo.
Look at those bears run!
They are ready to be fed.
Three little bears, eating fish pieces in the water.  Trust me, it was really exciting.

The sea lion show!

Look at this polar bear in the water!
It was really big, and really fast.
Kids were freaking out....and maybe some big people, too.
Photo by Laine.  The elephants were really big and really old.
Rhinos are just plain scary.
Cody and me, trying to look as excited as the people in the pictures.  We really did have a great time.
So.  That was our zoo trip adventure.  We spent most of it yelling "Where are the cool animals?" and laughing at how one time Laine thought she could totally manage the zoo with Sara in a wheelchair.  (Sara, if you are reading this: You would have both died in some heat-and-wheelchair-tumbling tragedy.  Oh man.  She was more wrong than she is when we go shopping and she tries to justify buying something by pairing it with something else and says "I could wear this" while we scream "NOOOoooooo!")  We also drank a lot of water and sat down for breaks because I wanted to die and Cody wanted to sleep and Laine wanted to give her knee a rest.  

And then my camera batteries died right in the middle of the polar bear feeding, so I grabbed Laine's camera and took pictures with that.  But she's having problems with the pictures.  Also, we forgot to take pictures of zebras and giraffes!  Don't be mad.

So!  That was our trip to the Memphis Zoo.  

Since you can take drinks and food in, we saved some money there.  And we had a coupon for 'buy one ticket, get one free' that was going to expire September 1, so we went last weekend instead of this weekend even though I bet this weekend would feel so amazing.  I think I spent around $4 inside the zoo because I bought a popsicle and pressed some pennies (even though the print for the polar bear wouldn't work!  I seriously lost it and badmouthed the bald eagle that we wound up choosing and felt like a bad American later for acting like that about our national bird in front of kids).


  • I hope you liked these pictures.
  • I hope you have a great weekend.
  • I may have been more excited about the polar bears than Cody.
  • I really do have a great deal of respect for the national treasure that is the all-American bald eagle.  Really.

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Brad said...

Red panda! Yes!

I wish one would jump down from a tree onto me! I would hug him and he would be my friend forever!