Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wow. Thursday.

So.  Okay. 

I could upload pictures of zoo animals, but Laine took all the good ones because my batteries died and she hasn't been able to upload and email all of them to me yet.  

Plus, I'm using a new blogger thingy and supposedly the photo uploader is super simple but of course I don't understand it.

Speaking of things I don't understand, I have had both the frustrating experience of having to take online courses for updated programs I don't use (that haven't been updated yet) and FAILING the progress tests on top of an incredibly traumatizing breakroom conversation involving toilet paper.  

Toilet paper!!!  Why would you talk to me about this?  Why would you talk to anyone?!  In the workplace?!

It was a one-on-one intensely personal conversation about the problems of modern toilet paper and how did I avoid them and I........ well, I frankly have not been that traumatized since another incident that took place nearly a decade ago and I'm not going to talk about it because it also involves toilet paper and because it was traumatizing.

What I'm saying to you is this: 
  • my workday is nearly over
  • I could not be more relieved that my workday is nearly over.
  • I am going to attempt some prenatal yoga because I have a DVD and some nice lady reminding me to clear my thoughts and breath on a regular basis sounds like a pretty good idea.
  • I am definitely taking a bath and I'm going to read a magazine in the bathtub
  • Have you taken a bath lately?  You should.  
  • Seriously, just go home and scrub out your tub and get in some warm water and read a magazine until your toes shrivel.
  • Finally, tomorrow will be better for both of us.  I promise you it will be better if for no other reason than this: I will learn how to upload pictures and you will see some pictures of piranhas and sleeping panda bears on here.  You're going to be thrilled.

PS:  Please don't ever try to talk to me about toilet paper.  That's private.


Eden said...

You're pregnant now! Not even toilet paper is sacred anymore. In fact, gross conversations about toilet paper are the least of your concerns. Just wait until strangers start asking you about every single last personal detail about your body. Oh! And they'll also want to tell you about their amazingly wonderful/painful/pain-free/traumatizing birth story. I think this is why pregnant women talk about their lady parts so casually in fb status updates--sometimes it's just easier to give in to the beast.

Jen said...

That's the terrifying part: I haven't told anyone at work!!!! This was a run-of-the-mill TP conversation! I'm all for learning through other people's experiences (I guess), but not if I know those people in a professional (I am obviously using this term loosely) capacity. I'm definitely going to wait a few more weeks before leaving myself open to birth stories from 1957. And the subsequent damage..... [shudder]