Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Uh, enjoy all these pictures?

August's basket: milk, rice, sausage, greens, sweet potatoes, cheese, peppers, apples, pears.
My pumpkins!  And my anniversary flowers.
Ta da!
I put them in every room in the house!  Kitchens need flowers.
Hallway flower.
Bedroom flowers next to my anniversary card.
Bathroom flowers.  (Blogger ate my picture of dining room flowers.)

Me, sitting on Sara's lap at Dallas's party.  We really look like sisters here.
Chad and Robert, just sitting like some cool brothers-in-law.
Laine, sitting on Levi.  We're a close family.
Just some kids mingling.
Levi and solar flares.
Leah in sunlight, reflecting on her animal adventures.
Happy Robert.
I think Chad is blinking.
I think that in this picture, I look like....
Jack, and his adorable baby.
Mom, stealing his adorable baby while Dad tries (unsuccessfully) to steal the baby from her.
Levi scheming during our team Scattegories game.
Mo, wearing Levi's belt as a collar.
Leah and Mo became great friends.
Hairy men, squinting in the sun.
Can you tell which one didn't go to church that morning?
A pretty useless picture of me at 14 weeks.
A cute picture of my cute parents.  Mom usually makes that face when Robert talks.
But they really love each other!  Sometimes I wonder if he's the favorite son-in-law.
My beautiful new issue of Martha Stewart Living accompanied me to the laundromat last night.
Is it silly to say I loved this month's table of contents?
Because I loved this month's table of contents.
I like to tear out all of the inserts and front-and-back ads.  Now my magazine is much better.
I hope you enjoyed these pictures.  Happy Wednesday!  Go buy the new Martha Stewart Living!

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Anonymous said...

I like picture blogs. So yes, I did enjoy all these pictures!