Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day weekend

I guess I should do a regular post as well since I didn't post yesterday at all.

I had a three-day weekend and so, of course, I'm incredibly grouchy to be back at work.  I don't really have a reason to be grouchy, aside from the fact that I had an absolute blast all three days I was off.  It would have been nice to keep up the string of glorious arts and crafts projects.  Oh well.

I'll try to hit the highlights:

  • dinner with some of my family, followed by Starbucks
  • watering plants in the lovely weather
  • frozen pizza and television on DVD with Cody
  • starting a new scarf project
  • the farmer's market!
  • walking around downtown North Little Rock and Little Rock, just to see what was there and to go to the library
  • discovering that I don't hate all yogurt
  • attending a pancake party with some friends
  • pancakes!
  • buying yarn on sale with coupons!
  • beautiful yarn in beautiful colors
  • salads
  • walking everywhere again!
  • going to the historic Arkansas museum just to use the bathroom and then looking at the exhibits
  • dressing as comfortably (sloppy) as possible, only to have Cody tell me I looked really pretty
My husband telling stories in a sandwich shop.
  • being off of work!
  • celebrating our anniversary early with Quizno's and Starbucks and bookstores
  • wearing boots and a dress and looking really cute
  • doing some free laundry at Cody's mom's house
  • clean sheets that Cody put on the bed
  • finding out Cody's cousin, Lainey, is engaged!
  • snacking on pomegranate because we're so fancy
  • finishing that new scarf project
  • shoulder rubs

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