Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I wrote a whole post about yarn again.*

I wrote down my craft goals for the near future on a notecard today.  The list goes as follows:
  • a dozen pumpkins
  • 2 pairs of brown wristwarmers
  • 1 pair of orange wristwarmers (for me!)
  • blue scarf (probably knitted)
  • aquamarine scarf (probably crocheted)
  • raspberry scarf with felt additions
  • striped scarf in Saints colors (a co-worker said she'd provide yarn and dollars if I made this for her mom)
  • paper leaf garland for the front and back doors
  • felt leaf garland for the living room (I'm aiming for something along the lines of the one featured here)
  • more squares for a baby afghan
The baby squares are at the bottom of the list because the afghan is going to take the most time, and the completion date of that project is the farthest away.  But I'm amassing a nice little collection of squares in different shades of reds and blues, and soon some greens!  After that--yellow!

Where do I stand on the rest of these little hopes and plans?  I'm so glad you were polite enough to not leave a comment that says "No one cares!"  Let me tell you all about what consumes me right now.

Yarn.  Yarn is all I care about and really all I want to mess with right now.

It's September.  This month has seen more yarn-buying than I've done all year.  It's a little embarrassing.  But by George, I am beating the October panic!  (Do you experience that?  Do you feel unprepared and insecure because you lack cute fall accessories?  No?  Then.....fine.)  My current inventory includes untouched skeins of:
What I'm actively working on right now:
  • the paper fall leaf garland
  • the orange wristwarmers
  • the cranberry scarf
What I want to work on this weekend:
  • garlands!  The look for September must be updated
  • pumpkins.  There can never be enough
  • finishing the cranberry scarf
  • starting another scarf
Some time this weekend, I'll go through the scarves I've made and photograph them.  

Then, some time in the very near future (next week or the week after that), I'm going to do a post entitled "Do You See Your Christmas/Birthday Present?"  

Because thanks to these past couple of weeks (and the sweet deals at Michaels), I may be ready for you this year.  

The important things is:

Are you?  

Yes, I am far too confident this year.  


I'm just saying.  

Be ready.

Because I am.  

Or I'm getting there.

I'll stop now.

*This hardly the first time I've posted about yarn.


Anonymous said...

"I wrote down my craft goals for the near future on a notecard today."

I'm speechless. You are an inspiration to disorganized people everywhere.

And I think you should add wool diaper soakers to your notecard.

Jen said...

Ha! Thank you. I had too many things that I'd started and was starting to feel a little crazy. Lists make everything better, though. As for soakers, I totally thought that was the part you buy! Whoops.

Erin said...

Thanks for the pumpkin tutorial...and the felt garland tutorial...I'm stealing that one too! Hope you dont mind. We cancelled our tv so now I can craft! Hoooray!

Christi said...

I get excited whenever you mention yarn or your projects. I love seeing your finished projects. Also, I'm taking up knitting again, and this kind of inspires me. I think I might actually stick with it this time.