Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday list time!

It's Friday!  My workplace is 80°!  Whoa.

But still.  I have a really happy list for you today.

Ready?  Okay.  I'm not doing bullet points, though, because blogger is a bit of a jerk about pictures and bullet points and I'm staying happy.  


My dress can only be described as "poofy."  It poofs out in the front, it poofs out in the back, and it poofs out at the sides.  I am a comfortable girl as I float around in my poofy dress.

The poofy dress, on vacation with Jeff's thumb around this time last year.

Look what someone from IT brought me!  He loved Mt. Dew, until it gave him diabetes, and now he can't drink it, but he brought me this awesome Mt. Dew truck and it looks so much cuter in this office than my Mt. Dew poster would!


I made felt leaf garland last night.  I'll trim it up tonight and take pictures of it over the weekend.

Arts and crafts are so lovely.  I finished knitting (but not embellishing) these wristwarmers yesterday.

Then I realized it was time to retire this shirt.
Do you like the look?  I like them better than what I tried out last year.  I've already been informed that I'm making pairs for Laine and Leah as soon as they find yarns and colors they like.  I love knowing that I'll get this stuff done before it's cold!

I loved this message.


It reminds me a little of some Calvin and Hobbes strip where Calvin says tomorrow they'll not only seize the day, they'll throttle it.

Speaking of getting the most wonderful experiences out of my time, I informed Cody that he's making his 'special' cheese dip for me tomorrow because I want to eat cheese dip while cheering for the Hogs.  We are both pleased with this development.

I really liked this thought from Alana.

I started a new notebook today.  Oooooh!  It's always exciting to start new notebooks.  I was even prepared this time and put important information from my old notebook into my new one before I ever started using it.  (In case you're wondering, yes.  I save the old notebooks in chronological order on a shelf with photo albums.)

I'm eating leftover spaghetti for lunch.  I love leftover spaghetti.  

And finally, it's Punctuation Day!  And, according to the article, it's also Love Note Day.  Whatever.  Celebrate one (or both) of these fabulous and crucial things! 

I hope you're excited about your weekend and that your Friday is perfectly lovely.

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Alana said...

Oooh, I love those wristwarmers! Super cute!

I am wearing a Razorback shirt today (duh) and my "Hogs are Beautiful" button. However, I am still nervous about tomorrow's game. Enjoy your cheese dip! Woo Pig Sooie!