Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dallas is 9!

Dallas turns 9 today!
He has his birthday party was this last Saturday.

Here are his army men cupcakes:

Because his theme was GI Joe.
When I showed Cody my pictures, he was impressed with the pinata. 
If only we'd had known just how impressive this pinata would prove to be....

Here is Laine snacking and talking to her dear buddy, Jack.
Jack and Laine tried to get his baby, Avi, to like Laine.
Dallas's cousin, Brandi, is in the background trying to be supportive.
Avi did not like Laine.  We all knew this would happen.

This is me, trying to look excited just after Karen told me I'd be writing down the list of Dallas's presents
for the third year running!
I honestly didn't know anyone in that family could read my handwriting.
But Karen told me I could still have a cupcake, so I stopped whining.

It must be said, the cupcakes were delicious.
Leah loved hers!
(Laine took over photographer duties when I started up my writing duties.)

And then here's Laine enjoying a cupcake!

Sara and Robert loved their cupcakes!
Chad....could only pretend.

This is a nice mingling shot.

There I am, 
recording the presents Dallas got and who he got them from so he can write thank-you notes.

I'm not sure how Laine managed to get a picture of Dallas!
He was either running around everywhere, shooting water guns, or covered up with people.
But there he is!

There's his dad, Mike.

And there's his mom, Karen, 
hoping her only child doesn't whack her with the pinata stick while he's blindfolded.

Dallas wanted a party with a GI Joe theme, and a pinata that everyone could hit with a stick or a bat.  So that's what he got.

Fun story about the pinata: it's indestructible

Every kid at the party except for baby Avi hit the pinata with a stick or a bat.  

I don't think any of them even left a dent!  

Chad considered taking a swing.  

Jack thought about taking a swing, but was worried he wouldn't break it.  

His fear were well founded.

This was not a whacking pinata.  

This was one of those deals where all the party-goers grab a string at the bottom of the pinata and pull.  Karen pulled all the strings at once as her nephew hit the pinata with a baseball bat.

She succeeded in breaking off all the strings and keeping the pinata intact.  

What happened next is pretty legendary.

Karen ripped the pinata off the rope attaching it to the ceiling of the garage (this action alone somehow didn't break it open) and ripped open the pinata with her bare hands

Children screamed and rushed her.

Candy and toys spilled everywhere, even though I don't think some pieces actually made it to the floor before people snatched them up.  

The suspense had just been too much for everyone.

I should have taken pictures, but I was just too stunned.  

And I was secretly glad that I'd saved my army man on top of my cupcake, because I knew I wasn't going to see any of those pinata prizes.

Before we left, Mom told Karen that maybe next year's party should just be a small family affair.  Karen agreed.

It was an incredibly memorable event.

So happy birthday, Dallas!  I hope you're having a great birthday today, and that you enjoyed your party!  

I think people will be talking about it for a while.

Levi and and toddler Dallas, from a long while back.

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Maggie May said...

hi! i see you are pregnant, congrats, so am i, in my seventh month and loving it...exhausted :) i have a Dakota, you have a Dallas ;) and a cutie he is!