Thursday, September 9, 2010


Four years ago, I got married.
It was a great idea.
You can read more about that, and the three years after that, right here.

But here's the summary:
After the wedding, Cody promptly took it upon himself to get cuter and better.

That's really the gist of it.  
Jobs and apartments changed, more friends and family people got married, little brothers graduated from high schools, and we argued and laughed and took some trips, and ate our weight in frozen pizza.

But mostly, Cody just got better.

Present-day Cody, looking contemplative and bearded and too attractive for words.  That's why I take pictures.
This is me on our anniversary last year.
Cody had picked me up from work, with Starbucks ready for me.
I was sleepy, but happy.

Here's Cody, looking a little tired as well.
All that driving with one car was taking a toll.

I hadn't told you yet, but Cody had already been asked to start working at the family restaurant.  We were so excited!

The easiest way to make Cody happy is to give him lots to do, have him to do what he loves, and make sure he sees lots of his family on a regular basis.

So we've had a pretty good year.

Let's review:
  • Cody went to work at the family's restaurant in late September.
  • I took a vacation on the beach without him.  I had a great time even though I was deathly sick from the cold he'd given me, and then I was very happy to come home to him. 
  • Cody started working at night and we never had dinner again!  This is an exaggeration.  A better way to look at it is that I gained a spouse who can run errands in the middle of a Monday.  Awesome!
  • We bought a used car for Cody that broke down and we got a $3200 lesson in why people with our luck shouldn't buy used vehicles.
  • I learned that Cody is in fact the kind of guy who wants to drive an orange Fit.  Good to know.
  • I discovered mold in our apartment and freaked out like never before.  This is saying a lot.  Cody mostly stayed out my way.
  • I stopped taking allergy shots.  Momentous.
  • In December, we didn't hang out.  Cody had to take over some extra baking responsibilities at work, on top of extra catering jobs, and getting time off to make to my family's Christmas before Christmas celebration the weekend after my birthday was a huge undertaking in rescheduling.  Sometimes, he left for work before I did.
  • In January, I played with my digital camera and took a couple hundred pictures of Cody in his pajamas.  He was thrilled.
  • I finished a quilt for Cody that was supposed to be his Christmas present.  He was thrilled.  (I meant it that time.)  He's always wanted someone to make a quilt for him, because obviously that means you're special, right?  
  • We enjoyed some unexpected snow day vacations together.
  • I'm drawing a complete blank on anything that happened this spring.  I do remember that we tried container gardening and that was really fun.
  • Most of our spring and summer revolved around walking places and doing things with food.  Those are our favorite things.  And this year we've really enjoyed both.  
  • Another fun thing about this summer: I got pregnant!  That was cool, except I started hating food.  That was rough, and Cody's still not allowed to try out anything new. 
  • Our new favorite thing to do is make plans.  We make plans for the fun things we'll do this fall, what kind of music we'll play around our kids some day, how we'll play around with our budget, and just about any other plan we want to throw out there.
  • Cody loves learning about pregnancies and babies and then telling me about it.  Lucky me!  
I really am very lucky.  Whenever we leave the doctor, I thank him for not showing up with a baseball cap and a calf tattoo like every apathetic-looking dude in the waiting room.  I love his calves just the way they are.  I love his muscles.  I love how nice he is.  I love excited he is about our baby--and that he's already far too excited about teaching it to cook.  

I love how excited he gets about every new thing: a growing family, food things, taking classes, the ever-present challenges of keeping me happy and well-fed, everything.  I love that after a couple of years of me offering, he's going to let me start buzzing his hair to save some time and money.  I love the way he sings under his breath when he's cooking.

He's the coolest person I know.  He's lovely and smart and he chuckles.  I know I've mentioned it before, but do you know how great that sounds?!  He wants everyone to eat more vegetables.  He's going to start taking a theology course that the diocese offers one weekend out of the month because, well, this is just the kind of thing he does.  He made chili earlier in the week and it is soooo good.  Don't underestimate how much I love good chili.

Cody just makes me love being married.  I like having a date to everything (but not to Dallas's birthday!  Guess when class starts?).  I like exchanging looks with him when we watch TV.  I like dancing to the radio in our kitchen.  I like telling people my husband is a cook (but apparently not as much as my parents like telling people my husband a cook).  I like having double the family--and I like being so loved by his family, and seeing how much my family loves him.  I like holding hands and taking turns dragging each other into places.  I can't imagine having this much fun and being this happy with anyone else.

This past year has been the best year ever, 
and thinking about it makes me so happy 
I almost can't stand it.

I can't wait to see what happens next.  

And I can't wait to go through it with the best partner I could ever want.

It's a very happy anniversary, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I think that was one of the sweetest posts you've ever done.

Happy Anniversary!!!


Effie said...

I agree with Laine.

Beautifully put.

It seems I don't have to wish you happiness on your anniversary because you've already got it.

Instead it seems more appropriate to say thanks. Thank you for reminding us all that love CAN work and is alive and well in marriages like yours.



Mom2Four said...

I am sure that this is one of the happiest posts that I have ever read!! You guys are great and I love you dearly.

Anonymous said...

What a great post, Sweetie! I love you guys so much.

Amber said...

Jen, that's a beautiful post. I'm glad you had a happy day. It's nice to know that someone sits around and thinks of all those nice things to say about her husband instead of complaining that he didn't take out the trash. Again. Ummm, that would be me.

Anonymous said...

I almost shed a little tear at this! I love to read your blog, it always puts a smile on my face. Oh yeah, and I'm super excited I got a mention in the last post!


Alana said...

Ok, so this almost made me cry! I love how much you love your husband and how much he loves you! I will probably re-read this post a lot because it's just so good.

Christi said...

I'm so glad that I finally decided to wander over and catch up on your blog. I am such a cynic whenever the topic of marriage comes up, but this just put a huge smile on my face. I love how genuine you are and how even after 4 years, you still think that getting married was a great idea. You definitely set a good example.

I know I'm late to the party, but congrats to you two!