Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You are riveted with my excuses.

Happy Monday!

Except it's Tuesday!

I'm very busy.

It stinks. A lot of times Cody and I have these pleasantly boring weekends and then I come to work, only to discover there's no work to do and all I can really type out is "We took naps! Then we saw some friends/family, and watched a movie. I ate ice cream." which is always a really great weekend, but there's not a lot to say.

This weekend, however, was action-packed!

I know this because I'm trying to upload all the pictures and there are over 150 of them. Just from Saturday.

On Saturday, Brad, Jeff, Bryan, Cody, and I went with Jessi to have a Memphis day trip adventure for her birthday party.

We ate barbecue and cupcakes, and toured the Pink Palace and had a blast!

On Sunday, Cody and I headed out to Romance to celebrate my parents' thirty-second wedding anniversary party with the whole family--including Grandmother.

We ate roast and grilled pork loin and green bean casserole and potatoes and carrot cake and brownies and ice cream! Yes, we all ate all of those things. (Almost.) We laughed about old stories and went through some of our toys and awards and books and generally had a really great party.

I even got to shoot guns with Levi! I didn't hit the target once!

And then! Yes, there's more.

Then! Last night, we went with some of our friends to eat Mexican food from a taco cart. Some day I will tell you why that was exciting (aside from the fact that my chicken burrito was sooooo delicious), but not today.

I'm too busy! Even on my lunch break, I'm really busy eating lunch.

So this is a post to tell you that I'm not really going to write much of a post.

EXCEPT: a while ago, Kelly joked (or not) with me that we should have Typo Tuesday posts on our blogs. I thought it was an excellent idea, but didn't have any pictures of typos I'd seen around town.

But last night, when we were eating snow cones (yes! Snow cones after Mexican food on a weeknight! And it was followed by UNO! We have the best lives ever.) I saw one and I'm about to go write my first Typo Tuesday post ever.

The rest of that awesomeness will just have to wait.

I'm sorry, but trust me when I say it's worth it.

I even shot video of the mechanized miniature circus at the Pink Palace.

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