Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You are riveted by this list.

  • I wish I could live off of gummie bears and Mt. Dew.
  • My dentist is going to be really displeased with me at the end of the month when I have my appointment.
  • I am excellent at flossing.
  • Tonight is laundry night. I probably only have 2 loads to wash, but I still don't know if I'll go.
  • I'm especially hesitant to accomplish cleaning things now that I've discovered today is Lazy Day. I read it here, so it must be true!
  • I'll probably go to the laundromat anyway.
  • Going to the laundromat is usually a good chance to just sit and read a book (I already have one picked out) without worrying about all the other cleaning things I need to do around the house.
  • Today is Jessi's birthday. Happy birthday, Jessi! (I love her lots.)
  • Given the chance, I would retire platform flip flops, aerosol air fresheners, Peter Pan collars (every now and then I see them, and it gives me a jolt of unparalleled horror), and the word "vintage." Forever.
  • Don't worry: I also have a banana for a snack.
  • Oh, I would also retire pop-up ads. I had one yesterday and then I nearly died of a panic attack because I thought I'd been thrown back in time and it was 2002 and I hadn't made it out of college yet (oh hey, speaking of unparalleled horror....).
  • I probably won't go to the laundromat if it's raining on me.
  • I hope you have an umbrella for today. Because I don't.
  • The sky is growing darker and the thunder is growing louder.
  • This day is clearly full of all kinds of adventures!

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