Thursday, August 5, 2010


Look what I saw in Cody's tomato box Tuesday night!

This guy was hot.
And maybe a little cranky.
He was still in the plants when I watered them later that night.

Cody said he read my blog yesterday.

I was surprisingly embarrassed.

You may have noticed, but I've stopped being funny and entertaining.

I haven't even found myself entertaining for the past couple of weeks!

I'm glad he gets to see the unfunniness in real life and online.

Here's a picture from a couple of weekends ago when I was funny.

Cody is looking magical and being absolutely delighted by my company in this picture.

Maybe it's just too hot to be entertaining.

I saw a sign giving the temperature last night.


After 7 p.m.

And to think: a co-worker asked if I'd been doing any knitting lately.

It's too hot to touch yarn.

I know everyone's complaining about the heat, but I have to say it.

It's hot!

I foolishly thought that Monday evening was cool enough to go for a walk.

I was wrong.

I called Mamaw afterward and told her what we'd been up to.

She laughed at the walking part.

I deserved it.

Now the sky looks a little stormy.

I'm hopeful.

I'm going to stop writing now because I've bored myself with this.

We'll try again tomorrow!

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