Friday, August 13, 2010

This is not a Friday the 13th post

Hello. It's Friday!

It's near the end of the work day on Friday!

I've been busy, but I'm carving out this little bit of my day to tell you some things.

I know for a fact that Mom and Dad had a happy anniversary yesterday because I saw them last night! Surprise!

They were having dinner at Cactus Jack's (where else?) with Grandmother, Sara, Chad, and Levi and Levi called me and invited me so that Mom would be surprised. It was nice to see them on the actual day of their anniversary, and we made plans for the party this weekend.

I also took a couple of cute pictures of them looking happy and cute, but Mom wasn't happy with either of the pictures. So you don't get to see them.

Instead, here are some pictures of Sara showing me her muscles (you should feel them!) and Grandmother and Levi some existential problems are going down.

You're welcome.

You can see why I'm so excited about this weekend.

I have big plans for it.

Pictures will be taken.

Adventures will be had.

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