Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saturday morning

Okay, tomorrow there will be some decent weekend posts. Almost in time for another weekend.



For now, here's what I've got:

Pictures from the travel/eating part of our Memphis Day Trip Birthday Party Adventure.

Here is Jessi examining the fine wares at a truck stop.

Here I am with Cody at Rendezvous.
Please notice how I have to use both hands to hold his bicep.

Here is Jeff at Rendezvous.
He loves birthdays and barbecue.

Here are Bryan and Brad at Rendezvous.
They are talking about important things.

And here is the birthday girl, mere minutes away from successfully annihilating a pulled pork sandwich without damaging her white shirt.
I didn't take pictures of the food, which is a shame. It was beautiful.

I don't even like dry rub barbecue, but this was glorious! I had the pork shoulder sandwich with beans and slaw. I couldn't finish it all.

Up next: the Pink Palace.


Christi said...

I love Pink Palace! I went there for the first time (on a date!) a few weekends ago. They closed before we could look at everything. Booo!

Jen said...

We got there later than we intended, so we were a little rushed. AND some of the areas for closed off for a wedding. ARGH! But what we did see, we really, really enjoyed. And now I'm about to follow you.