Monday, August 9, 2010

Sara's birthday party

Sara had a birthday party on Saturday!

It was really fun.

I promise.

Laine and Robert came into town a little early and stopped by our place because Robert had never seen our house. Also, Laine did not wear bandages on her stitches. She asked if I would be okay with that. I cried. Then she tried to show me how much she can bend her knee and everything went black.

(I'm only kidding a little bit.)

Here's a nice, non-knee-showing picture.

Then Sara and Chad came and I began to secretly worry that everyone was meeting at my house without telling me (I hadn't swept or cleaned the bathroom sink!),
but it was just Sara and Chad.

Sara sells Scentsy products now.
I think she tried to get Robert to smell every sample she had,
which wound up being really funny.

Cody was not impressed.
Chad wouldn't let me take his picture.
Also, I have no idea what's going on with my television.
I thought we were watching RoboCop.

Anyhoo, the 6 of us squashed ourselves into Laine and Robert's rental SUV
and headed over to Olive Garden.

Sara was really excited about sitting in the third-row seating with me.

Here are the others.
There was a 30 minute wait at Olive Garden because they were busy feeding every largely pregnant woman in the city. (It was a convention, I'm telling you!)

So Sara opened her presents while we waited outside.

This is Sara's card from Laine.

This is her card from Levi.
He found this card forever ago, thought he lost it, re-found it, and gave it to Sara because it's so perfect for her.
My glittering cupcake card seems a little lackluster by comparison.
But I made up for it with an iTunes gift card and a book about NSYNC.
Justin is her favorite.
This is her card from Mom and Dad.
This is her husband, who deliberately ruins every picture I take of him.
This is also her natural hair color.
And here is Laine with her husband.
And here is me with my husband.
And Cody is looking at Chad because Chad is calling his name and trying to get his attention so he'll look away and then Chad can ruin pictures when he's not even in them!
Dadgum you, Chad.
Levi took this picture.

Here is Levi.
Hi Levi! He's still rocking the goatee.
Aside from the fact that it makes him look a little like a violent criminal, I like it.
Maybe that's why I like it.
Here's Grandmother.
She really likes it when I take her picture.
No, she doesn't.
But she caught me up on my mountain-dwelling family when we were sitting together inside.
Mom and Dad are not unhappy.
They are empathizing with Robert's story about putting in his 2 weeks' notice at work so he can go to nursing school.
PS: Robert put in his 2 weeks' notice at work so he can back to school and be a nurse and take care of this family of sickly, injury-prone invalids.

You can't tell in this picture, but Sara is wearing a plastic boot for her ankle.
I just took the full-body picture so you could see her polo shirt dress. They used to be the only dresses she wore.

Then they went out of fashion.

Then they came back. And she was glad she still had them in her closet.

And here she is with Mom inside the restaurant.
It seems important to get a birthday person's picture with the mom on birthdays.
You know, since moms are usually there on the day you're born.
It's worth celebrating.

Then we ate food and I stopped taking pictures because my family has imposed a pretty strict Jen-don't-take-pictures-while-we're-eating policy, and we were too busy anyway with talking and eating and laughing at one another.

Then we went on a gender-segregated Home Depot/Target quick shopping trip because we desperately needed to stretch our legs and take a break after eating too much. Even after some time passed, Cody, Sara, and I were the only ones who felt like getting ice cream.

So we did. And it was delicious.

And that! was Sara's birthday party.

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