Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I went to the laundromat last night. It did not rain on me!

I already had enough quarters to wash the few loads of laundry we'd dirtied up.

I didn't have that many clothes to fold, so I got home early enough to clean the house!

Wait, that's not exciting.

But the kitchen is beautiful.

As is the bathroom.

The bathtub is practically gleaming. Gleaming, I say!

Now that the house is (mostly) clean, I can move on to other projects!

Like making some cards.

And mopping.

There was an incident a few days ago involving Cody, olive oil, chicken grease, and almost every inch of the kitchen floor.

(I love my husband, I love my husband, I love my husband. Really. I mean it.)


But it's okay, I'm proclaiming brightly! I've already de-greased the stove, the counter tops, and the trash can! All without the benefit of paper towels!

It's not because I'm green.

It's because I keep forgetting to buy them.

These are not the kind of messes I'm okay with.

It's time for more glitter and glue messes!

Paper edges.

Yarn fuzz.

Maybe even fabric scraps and thread pieces from sewing projects!

I dream big.

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