Friday, August 20, 2010

Pink Palace, Part 2

This is a very old jawbone.

Mid-South Mastodon Fossil!

Mastodon model!
It's huge!

Behold, huge feet!

I love fossils.

I don't care what anyone says,
the triceratops is real in my heart!
And in those Land Before Time movies.

Leaf fossils!

Old reptile!

Fish fossil!

Oh man, squirrels used to be even bigger and scarier.

So cool.
I was always disappointed as a little kid (or not so little)
when fossils in stones I found didn't look like this.

And because tree stumps don't look like this in Arkansas.
Okay fine, it never occurred to me.

But come on, wouldn't this be cool to see in the woods behind your house?!

Pretty insects!

Look at this huge gold eagle!

Most uncolorful toucan ever.
But still, that's a really cool beak.

Look at all these owls!
(Sorry, Alana.)

Fun facts about woodpeckers.

More birds.
Note the toucan in the middle.

Little bluebird.

Big rhea!

Gibbon and monkey.
If you have a gibbon, you had better keep it away from me.

The same goes for rattlesnakes.
But check out all those ribs!

Bullfrog skeletons are funny to me.

Oh man, even chimps' skeletons are cute!

This is impressive.

These are Jeff's veins.

Rhesus monkey.



Kangaroo rat!
Like in The Rescuers Down Under!
I am all about the childhood movies today.

Oh my goodness, this is an armadillo looks like underneath the shell!

It just seemed like a fun idea.

They are field tripped out.

This is cat outside the Pink Palace.
Jessi wants to be friends with it.
The cat was pretty aloof.
It's probably thinking, "Psh, you amateurs. I have season passes."

It's probably being nice because it's her birthday adventure.

This is the Pink Palace.
And a wedding.

Can you see the wedding party?
Right as Jessi and I tried to creep out there for some pictures,
some awful Muzac flute music by Kenny G came on.
These people had a wedding at the Pink Palace,
where they blocked off THE BEST PARTS of the museum,
and they thought it would be a good idea to play a recording of some cheesy flute music?!

You can't buy taste. Not good taste, anyway.


Here is Jessi, sneaking away.

And that is the end of our Pink Palace adventure!

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