Friday, August 20, 2010

Pink Palace, Part 1

Here is the first batch of Pink Palace pictures.

But just one thing:

Remember this picture?

From this trip?

Our trip didn't quite go like that.

For one thing, we only had about 2 and a half hours to check everything out and that's not nearly enough time!

For another, some horrible (and horribly selfish......and horribly lucky) people were getting married on the front lawn of the Pink Palace and they roped off some of the BEST ROOMS (the mansion parts) for mingling and impressiveness.

So. No polar bear for us.

One bright note: another difference from the last trip was that we got to see the miniature circus in action! I'll show you those pictures later.

Here are some pictures of the glorious ball gowns from old Memphis Cotton Carnival celebrations.

This one is my absolute favorite.

And it's from my year!

You could get married in this dress!
That red velvet tunic.....maybe not.

Here's an awesome cape, date unknown.

Circus animal pieces.

Ahhh! I love this.

Little old creator man.

Oh, hey, sorry this is a little blurry
It was pretty exciting.
I'll post video later.

This is inside the model of the first Piggly Wiggly store.

I love you, coffee.

You're okay, oatmeal.

Twine holder, for when you tie brown paper packages together because you're old-timey.

Cash registers and hanging hams.

Jessi, hunting for bargains and loving her trip.

I just like this picture.
And lemon candy.

Wood floors.

An old dress. It's pretty.

Mortar and pestles at the pharmacy.

I hope there are tonics and potions in there.

Here are some skeletal pictures!

From a dental school.

From a medical school.

Memphis history.

Model Victorian/Edwardian home.

Being a girl used to be so awesome.
My back hurts just looking at this.

Yup, being a girl used to be realllllly neat.
I nearly fainted just looking at these in August.
And that was standing under air conditioning.

Model general store.

That's cool.

Another model living room.
I love this quilt.

Awesome helmet.

I'm in front of a loom!

I love spinning wheels.

And that loom.

Model of a one-room cabin.

Up next: tons of fossils and skeletons and taxidermied birds!

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