Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm happy about the weekend because:

  • I will see some friends tonight
  • I will sleep in tomorrow
  • I will rub my lovely husband's sore arms and try to get a backrub from him
  • I will put on a cute dress
  • I will see my whoooole family
  • I will get to see a whole lot more of my whooooole family because Levi is here now
  • We will celebrate Sara's birthday
  • We will eat ice cream
  • I may bring my real camera and use up the rest of the black and white film on my pretty family
  • I will finally get the ironing done! Or not
  • I will see Laine's new haircut
  • I will not look at Laine's knee stitches
  • I will eat Italian food
  • I will read some more
  • I will work on Super Secret Arts and Crafts Projects....and, lastly:
  • I may take a Sunday nap because those are the best kind
I hope you're happy about what your weekend holds for you.

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