Thursday, August 19, 2010

I might have traveled to Memphis just for cupcakes last weekend

Okay, I'm going to post about Saturday!

Albeit out of order.

I took over 100 pictures at the Pink Palace. They're not all worth using, but I'll need time to cull some out and so I'm going to use the time I have left to tell you about Muddy's Bake Shop.

Muddy's is pretty much everything you're looking for in a fun girlfriend, or in a cute blog you want to follow. You know what I mean.

These are my pictures.

This is my Pink Lemonade cupcake.
Strawberry cake with lemon icing.

This is Cody acting like the quintessential fat kid.
I think he had chocolate cake with chocolate icing called Prozac.

This is Jessi with her birthday cupcake!
I bought her a candle.
I think she had the chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.
That would be the Tomboy.
Happy birthday!

Here's Bryan.

Here's my cute husband.

Here are Jeff and Brad looking very serious.
I'm telling you, we were having a really happy time!


Jessi's probably looking at the cute decor.

So cute.

Just like the cute merchandise they sell.

Cute napkin holder.

Cute yellow shelf.

Cute couch.

Unbearably cute aprons.
Oh my goodness, these were glorious.

Jessi liked this one because it looked like her friend.

This is going to haunt my dreams.

Cute window display with a cute apron with a cute chicken!
I can't stand this.

Now you know.

I have heard of seasons where people actually want to eat outdoors and converse with friends and family, but these seasons are like a half-remembered fairy tale.
Sorry. August makes me dramatic.
This was a pretty hot day.

Jessi leaving the cupcake store before we headed back home.
That is the story of the cupcake portion of our cupcake adventure for Jessi's birthday party in Memphis.



Alana said...

I want to go there!!! Do you know the brand or name of the person that makes those aprons?!? Super cute!!!

Jen said...

It's so fantastic! And most of the aprons are made by little businesses or individuals there in town. Now you HAVE to go!