Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I brought you a circus

I'm going to try to embed video on here!

No, I've never done that before on this blog.

Yes, I do know it's 2010.

If we don't have flying cars and hologram butlers in this day and age, I don't know why you expect me to go to the trouble of embedding videos from that Youpage World Wide Web site or whatever you call it.

But I'm going to try because I'm a nice person and it's video of an old-timey mechanized circus of hand-carved wood.

Yes, I'm giving you out-of-date blog posts pertaining to events that took place over a week ago.

Stop fussing and try to enjoy the video. I advise you to watch with the sound off because, well, you can't hear much but what you can hear is a little annoying. (Why does everyone have to try to sound knowledgeable in a museum? Why are children so shrill? These eternal questions torment my waking hours.)

I also advise you to forgive my shakiness, jerkiness, and the poor zooming qualities of my little camera. We'll both be happier people if you do.

And here's a minute or so of the inside of the circus tent. The tiny little trapeze people blew my mind. Really.

And if you want to know more about why in the world this exists (aside from the fact that this is just the sort of thing that gets donated to old museums because it's really cool, duh!), check here.

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