Friday, August 20, 2010

Anniversary party recap

We celebrated my parents' anniversary on Sunday!
I made a banner and Laine brought flowers.

Mo was thrilled.

I really didn't take that many pictures, which was unfortunate.

We all looked pretty cute.

And we had a lovely time.

There was a lot of talking and screaming and laughing.

Then Mom made us clean our rooms, which was more fun than you'd think.
(Guess who saved all her baby teeth and the money? This girl!)

Oh, and we also ate.

Number of pork fillets I've had this week because we were sent home with leftovers:
Three glorious grilled pork fillets.

And here's some roast!
And to the right, you can see some green bean casserole.
Green bean casserole is one of the best vegetable dishes ever.
But only with Mom's recipe.

And this is Cody's carrot cake.

And this is the extra icing.

And this is the cake from another angle shortly before Mom re-iced it!
Mom cares deeply about icing, and I do see a bare spot.

Here's Laine's knee!
The stitches are out. It just looks this way.

Okay, it's healing really nicely.

This......used to hang on our wall and hold all of our hair bows.
These are not all of the bows. Not even close.

Sara found the best treasures in her room.
She's sporting a Mickey Mouse hat, a bracelet that says HOGS in rhinestones, and a Ralph Lauren purse from 10 or 12 years that she plans to revive.

Not pictured: target practice, story-telling, hugs, drinking cokes, giving cards, shouting, whining, reenactments of events, going back for seconds,
Mom and Dad being happy,
Grandmother laughing at us/ignoring us when we got too loud,
Cody freaking out over Sara's perfect brownies,
Robert trying to find a place to nap,
Chad's many disdainful facial expressions,
Laine's score sheet from the 4H bake-off when she got a perfect score for cornbread,
Sara's other purses,
Levi's toy cars,
and..... my baby teeth.

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